Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Whole Hand

On July 7th, my handsome oldest birthday boy requested pancakes for breakfast. Grandma had just given him this train sandwich cutter (for his lunches in kindergarten) and I made it work for his pancakes. Feel free to be impressed with my amazing culinary abilities. HA!!! I was cracking up at how bad I was (in case you're like my husband and you're wondering what on earth those circular things are above the train- well, duh, they're puffs of clouds. Obviously). Don't worry. I'll stick to my day job of educating middle schoolers.

 Anytime people found out he was five, they kept saying, "He's a whole hand!" That obviously warranted a whole hand photo. It's a big deal, folks.
He opened presents from Grandma first thing in the morning (our gifts that we got him, STILL haven't arrived. Boo!).
 I'm sure not every five-year-old would be thrilled about getting clothes for their birthday, but we always make such a big deal about it - that they all get excited!!
After opening presents, we headed to pre-k. I know; mean Mommy making him go to school on his birthday. But lucky for him, this was his last birthday he'll ever spend in school. After school, we came home and took our daily nap. (Sidenote, this past summer, we realized naps were pretty much over for our almost five-year-old, but I am stubborn and refused to give them up; so one day I tried napping with him. And, miraculously, it worked! So now, I give up my to-do lists and laundry and blogging and 8 million other things I SHOULD be doing, and instead, crawl into bed with this cutie every day). I just love being a stay at home summer Mama or none of these cuddles would be possible. 
After naps, Mr. Howard came home, we had a delicious dinner and then we took him to pick out cupcakes (our little family tradition!). Uncle Colin, Aunt Becca, and Grandma came with us!
Connor requested "pink velvet" cupcakes. ;-) But he settled for red velvet. Like Mama, like Son.
Uncle Colin, Aunt Becca, and the kids:
Grandma and the kids:
I couldn't believe how excited he was about people singing to him and getting to blow out his candle! I think seeing his brother and sister have their birthday a couple days earlier made it all the more special for him!
In my extended family, we do a separate birthday dinner for everyone and Connor's was scheduled for a few days later - so we had fun with our little Howard Bunch celebration and were looking forward to our Kirkpatrick celebration. 


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