Friday, July 25, 2014

Aiden and Isabella's Party Part 1

Aiden and Isabella had their third birthday party on July 13th! I gave them a couple options and then let them pick their favorite one for a birthday party theme. They were both pretty thrilled about the idea of a cowboy/cowgirl party and since we've been watching a lot of Toy Story 3 in this house, A Woody/Jessie Party cinched the deal! They were so excited! I have a post all ready to go live that has all the details of the party, with links to things I bought or places that gave me inspiration. I will post that tomorrow for those of you wanting to recreate anything.

**Before I post these pictures, let me also state that I am going insane with Photoshop's "Process Multiple Photos" watermark feature. Is there not a way to make all the files the same size and then watermark them at once? Someone with more photoshop knowledge than me, please help.**

This year we threw the party right after a big vacation and so I just didn't have the time like I normally do to some of the projects I had pinned.

The decorations were pretty simple! We did cowprint on the tables, with a coloring sheet, sheriff star, and red bandana for all the kids! We focused our decorating on a kids' table so that they could all eat together (this is the first time I did it and the kids LOVED it!).

Aiden and Isabella thought they were hot stuff eating with their older friends!
I also had a table at the front of the house for cowboy hats for anyone who wanted one (can you see it by the presents in the photo above?)

Here's a closeup of the coloring sheets and table decorations:
Remember these chairs I bought for another party I hosted? See I'm already getting great use out of them!
 For lunch, we bought costco sandwiches, wraps, macaroni salad, potato salad, and pretzels. Easy peasy. Making the food was one of those things I had grand plans to do - but just didn't have time, at the end of the day. I usually love cooking for parties.
 The cake MADE the party. It was just absolutely amazing!
I don't have a ton of "musts" with twins. But one absolute must for me is that each birthday baby gets their own song. I alternate the order we sing it. So for their first birthday, we sang to Aiden first. This year Isabella got her song first. So adorable!
 Here's Isabella blowing her candle:
Seriously. This is my favorite photo of the entire party. My mother-in-law captured Aiden blowing out his candle (while looking at it). Ridiculously adorable and funny.
 Aiden asked for a million pieces of cake. He's still asking about that peanut butter and chocolate cake.
Holy adorableness. My mother-in-law made Aiden his very own Woody costume and then my mom bought him this hat and boots:

 All three of my littles:
My oldest:
And my youngest. My mother-in-law made Isabella's costume and then my mom bought her the hat and boots.

 My friend has several horses and when she found out it was a cowboy and cowgirl party, she offered to bring her miniature horse - which pretty much MADE the party. The kids were so excited! Our neighbors were leaving their house and actually drove over and said, "IS THAT A HORSE?!?" Probably not something you see every day on someone's front lawn.
Aiden wasn't afraid at all. He walked right on up with a brush and wanted to brush her. Isabella took a tiny bit of warming up: 
 Skittles, the horse, was beautiful:
Of course Isabella needed her own little trusty horse:
 The birthday boy and girl:
I love this one of my brother's dog and my dad. Nova always wants to be right in the action:
Among their little friends and local friends, they were also blessed to have their Grandma (who flew from Alabama), Nana, Grandfather, Auntie Jen and Uncle Brett (who flew from Southern California), Aunt Becca, and Aunt Katie be with them! The babies were so blessed with such an awesome party!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post with all the details!


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Oh I love it!! What an adorable party, you did a great job!!!

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks so much Tesha! We had a lot of fun!

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