Sunday, July 20, 2014

Calling all Minions

I mentioned before, but in my family everybody gets a Kirkpatrick family dinner at my parents' house. The birthday boy or girl gets to pick out his/her choice for dinner and everyone hangs out! Connor's birthday dinner was the Friday before the twins' big party! Auntie Jen and Uncle Brett and Grandma joined our normal group (Nana, Grandfather, Aunt Katie, Andy, Uncle Colin, Aunt Becca, Daddy, Aiden, Isabella, and me). Connor requested Grilled Cheese for his birthday dinner choice, so that is what the kids had!

 Connor got the coolest gift from Auntie Jen and Uncle Brett - a PUGG portable soccer goal (the four footer, in case you want to buy one!) and soccer ball. I'm pretty sure he hasn't stopped playing with it since he got it a week ago. If we'd let him, he'd take it into his room and practice all night. Ha! They have the same goals at soccer practice each week and he loved telling his coach that Auntie Jen got him a goal so he can practice at home!
 He had such a good time opening gifts!! He was so excited about EVERYTHING!
 Opening Presents:
 Our whole group:
 Pirate Izzy. She even made an argggg face.
 Pirate Aiden:
Our birthday group!
 Mommy, the Birthday Boy, and Daddy!
A week before party, when I asked Connor what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he told me he wanted a Despicable Me cake. I was kinda surprised, as he usually doesn't have a big opinion about those things. I scoured the Internet for one I could make and realized it was going to be WAY too time consuming. So, instead, I had this cake made at the grocery store (I've never custom ordered a cake from a grocery store before) and it was SO cute. It was an edible image that they stretched and then put frosting around the top. We got these little figurines for the top and it was just perfect for what he wanted. And then, my handsome, big 5-year-old decided to get the cake down out of the microwave on his own, and then tried to carry it to the car. Unfortunately, mid-walk, he dropped it. I was so bummed that I hadn't got a photo of it beforehand.
 The top didn't look horrible, but here's a better photo of the disaster. I had them wrap an orange candle edible image around the sides and then do Connor in a turquoise on the side. Connor felt horrible about messing it up and, honestly, I was just bummed that no one got to see it before the disaster. But, really, in the big scheme of life - it was so not a big deal. It could have been a lot worse. Thankfully, it was in a cake box when he dropped it, so it was all still edible.
We all had a great time and we were so thankful that Jen, Brett, and Kathe were able to be there to celebrate with us!


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Aww, looks like he had a wonderful time despite the cake incident.

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So much fun!!

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