Monday, July 7, 2014

Roadtrip from St. Louis to Kansas City

On Day 7 of our amazing kidless vacation, we got back into the car and made our way over to Kansas City. On the road, we stopped at a Target (we sorta did a tour of Targets on this trip!) for some coffee and breakfast.

This was pretty much my first healthy breakfast of the trip:
Also on our roadtrip, we also stopped at Mizzou - University of Missouri because it's where my hubby's boss went to school. We got out and walked around a little bit (but it was HOT!) and went to the gift shop to get a few things. 
We also went by the Tri Delta House (I try to always google the tri delta house whenever we're near a university because it's just fun to see where my sisters in different parts of the country live):
This is a horrible picture, but I tried to get major landmarks as we'd pass them. This was the Missouri River.
And then we finally arrived at our destination! We checked into our hotel in Overland Park, Kansas, changed, and headed over to the church for the rehearsal dinner!
The church was a beautiful Catholic church in Bucyrus, Kansas! I can't wait to see her wedding photos!
Here's the space:
After dinner we went over to Cleveland, Missouri for the rehearsal dinner, which was beautiful! The weather was perfect; the food was delicious, and the cookies were amazing! Here was the property where we had the dinner!
Hubby and me. Not sure why he's making that face. Obviously this was taken on an iPhone at night, hence the bad quality.
I didn't bring my nice camera, so I have no other photos of anyone else. I wish I had a picture of the beautiful bride - because she looked amazing!


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