Thursday, July 17, 2014

"THEY ARE TWINS! That WHOLE group - it's all twins!"

The day after their birthday dinner and cupcakes, we went to a Mother of Multiples Event at Krispy Kreme, where the kids got to go on a behind-the-scenes tour. Connor was at pre-k, and hubby had the day off, so he joined me. That was a nice treat!

 The kids were pretty patient too, considering they got to look at a bunch of donuts, and listen to how they were made, without getting to eat any - until the end.
 Then, finally, at the end, the kids got to decorate their own donuts! So fun!
 I'm pretty sure this was the only part they cared about. Ha! We went in two groups - and this was only half of the twins:
 Aiden was pretty excited about the eating part and a little less excited about the decorating part.
 I overheard a gentleman saying to his wife, "THEY ARE TWINS! That WHOLE group - it's all twins!" So funny when we're out together and people realize.
 It was so nice getting to do something fun with Aiden and Isabella by themselves.
 Miraculously, I didn't eat a single donut. Seriously. Applause is necessary. And then, afterwards, when Mr. Howard went to work, I picked up Connor, got the kids in the stroller and went for a run! Feel free to be impressed. Or not.
 This is actually my favorite part of it. I tried to do a selfie, and instead somehow managed this special video. How did  I take a 5 minute video without noticing? It's pretty comedic to watch, because I had no idea I was recording it all. Aiden is climbing out and back into the stroller. Isabella is sticking out her tongue - is she hot ALREADY? And Connor is trying to honor his Mama's selfie request. And then apparently, I hold the camera in my hand while we run for about five minutes (hence the close up view of my old navy shirt, "Run. Rest. Repeat." This is Real life, folks. Real life.


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