Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Three Years ago our World was Rocked

On June 30th, the twins turned THREE. I shared with my friends on facebook, "Three years ago on June 30, our world was rocked when at 9:20am and 9:22am, we welcomed Aiden and Isabella into our family. While they are so different from each other, they are truly two little peas in a pod. Happy birthday, sweet babies! THREE YEARS OLD?!? Goodness Gracious." I snapped these photos in the morning on their birthday, while brother was at pre-k. Do you see the one with them holding hands? Ridiculous.

I alternate birthday parties (since the twins and Connor all have birthdays 7 days apart) and this year it was Aiden and Isabella's year for a party, so we did a very low-key June 30th! Hubby had to work, but after work we had a family dinner and went out for cupcakes! Everyone got to pick out their own cupcake! We couldn't even get Aiden and Connor to pause for a photo. We sang happy birthday to Isabella and Aiden and tried desperately to get Aiden to wait until we had finished singing - before devouring his cupcake!
Aiden picked out the mint, Isabella a funfetti one, and Connor picked out a carrot cake cupcake. 
Uncle Colin and Aunt Becca came over after work for cupcakes too, but by the time I got a photo, the kids were already stripped out of their clothes. Have I mentioned somehow we've raised children who hate clothes?


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