Friday, August 15, 2014

A Backpack Sneak and a Tantrum

Monday, August 11th was Aiden and Isabella's first day of Pre-School for this school year. They got new backpacks from their Auntie Jen and were SO excited about taking them to school! They had been wearing them everywhere for about a week before the first day. See evidence below:

Then on the first day of school, below, Aiden tried to sneak a blue car into his backpack and was way less than thrilled about Mommy taking it out (as a teacher, I know how annoying toys are and so I really try hard to do backpack checks). He screamed and cried and threw a huge fit. I couldn't get him to calm down, so I had to shut the door, when I dropped him off at preschool, with him in full blown tantrum. I couldn't tell if his crying was because I was dropping him off for the first time in 2 months...or if he really was just upset about the car. He is SUCH a big boy, though. I saw this picture and thought, when did I turn in my baby for a little boy?!?
 Isabella clung to my leg and was a little shy when I tried to drop her off, but when I gave her a kiss, helped her hang her backpack up in her cubby, and said goodbye, she was happy. She has grown so much. I can't even believe how much she's coming out of her shell!


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