Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Mom First

As will probably happen every year, I took Connor's first day of school off from work. I wanted to be there to make his breakfast for him in the morning, be there to walk him up to his class and drop him off, and be there when he got done with school to pick him up. I am "Mom" first and "Teacher" second and I want my kids to know that.

The night before kindergarten, when he came home from my mom's, I had all his stuff laid out for him - his clothes, some kindergarten books for us to read, and his new backpack and lunch. This thrilled him to pieces.

 We then spent that night reading the books, talking about school and what it would be like, etc. and just making sure he was ready! Hubby and I crawled into bed with him and we just snuggled and read.
In the morning, we woke him up first and let him have some quiet time with Mommy and Daddy by himself (before getting the twins up). We got him dressed, did his hair, and spent some more time talking about what was going to happen at school. After our little family time alone, I woke up the twins so we could have a family breakfast.
We took all the kids out for pancakes and eggs. Connor's start time is a little later, so we had time to go out to breakfast at 7:30am on the first day. He was SO riled up about starting kindergarten.
Then we came home and did first day photos in his shirt that Grandma made him! (I had also done first day photos the day before in a different shirt, so that his photo would match his brother's. Can you say crazy?!? I know, I know). 
 Connor requested that "the babies" get in one picture with him!
We loaded the stroller up and walked over to school with our neighbors and their kinder daughter! Our neighbors and Mr. Howard are going to split drop offs, so that the kids never have to go to before-school care. 
 And then, finally, we got Connor all settled in his classroom with his teacher!
 He has his own little cubby, which he is RIDICULOUSLY thrilled about.
 At Back To School Night a few days prior, the teacher had said that she wanted us to come in and see the room and get the kids settled. Then, she said, she'd talk for a bit and then tell the kids to turn around and wave goodbye to us. Connor barely waved goodbye; he was too excited about coloring and sitting in his classroom. Honestly, this was the best way that the goodbye could have happened. I felt such peace about knowing that he was ready for us to leave.
 Here was Connor's first day photo taken in the red shirt:
And because I love seeing all the kids photos together...


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