Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'd Rather Be

"I'd Rather be Playing Soccer"

We signed Connor up for a recreational soccer league this summer. I really wanted to sign him up for a competitive league (as much as a 5 year old team can actually be competitive), but we missed the cut off - which was in March. Ummm. Seriously? Signing up in March for a league that starts in September? That's insane. But since I had missed the cut off, we found a four week class he could take that was organized through our city.

Connor LOVED it. Love, love, loved. Seriously. Every single week he'd ask me if people were coming to watch (Is Nana coming to see me? Grandfather? Aunt Katie? Aunt Becca? Uncle Colin?)...and whether or not he was going to get to wear his soccer shorts...and, don't you know, he needed a special water bottle because soccer players NEED water bottles...and then he'd ask nine times on Wednesday if, in fact, today was Wednesday and how many hours until soccer practice. So sweet. (The first two photos were taken by my sister Awe Captures Photography)

It was a Daddy and Me (or Mommy and Me) participation class and I'm pretty sure Mr. Howard learned just as much as Connor did (my husband is VERY athletic, but never played soccer. It's probably the only sport he didn't play).
They learned basic skills like dribbling, "squishing" the ball, kicking with the inside of your foot, and shooting.
I think the hardest part for Connor (and probably all the kids) is not using their hands.
Grandma was even able to come to Connor's first practice, which made him pretty lucky!
Overall it was such a good class.
We can sign him up for a Kidz love Soccer class that is 8 weeks and goes throughout the fall and we're considering it. I just don't want him to lose his momentum. But with Kindergarten starting, I don't want to stretch us too thin, when I'm not certain how our routines are all going to go managing THREE school schedules (mine, Connor's, and Aiden/Isabella's). So we'll see.

The hardest part of the whole thing was keeping Aiden and Isabella off the field. Ha! They just want to go out with their big brother and don't understand why they can't play.


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