Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Days (and they're coming to an end!)

On Sunday (the 27th), after I got up SUPER early for a run, we woke the kids up to go to a car show! It is no secret that my husband, and now kids, are OBSESSED. 
Afterwards, we spent the day at my parents' house for swimming and a barbeque. I was the only one who went in with the kids - because everyone else either forgot their swimsuit or decided they didn't want to go in the water!
After Aiden's swim lessons the past few weeks, he was excited to just hang out in the pool.
 Isabella still wasn't quite so sure. But if I was next to her and held her hand, she was fine.
 This was pretty much how we spent the day.
 Because I had done a four mile run that morning, it felt so good to just relax and let my legs cool off in the water. I've been getting back into training for a half marathon I'm doing in October and the back-to-back runs have made my calves pretty sore. It's amazing how quickly your body forgets what regular runs are like!


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