Monday, September 22, 2014

A Birthday. A Scavenger Hunt. And a Deal.

My sister somehow managed to find a man with the exact same birthday as her, which will make planning their birthday dinner pretty easy every year. :-) A few weekends ago, my whole family got together to celebrate their birthday with a family dinner. It was fun for my sister to get gifts and give gifts on her birthday! I would definitely say she is one of those people who speaks the love language of giving gifts. It's her favorite thing to do for people.

Somehow I didn't get a picture on my camera from their actual dinner; I took them on my sister's phone, so she's got them hiding somewhere. Instead, I stole these from her page. These were all the photos she posted from the night of their dinner or the weekend that they celebrated their birthdays just the two of them!

Aren't they a ridiculously good looking couple? It really isn't fair actually.
I can't remember if I'm mentioned it or not, but my sister and her boyfriend are actually professional photographers! Isn't that so funny - same birthday...same profession. So much in common!
They actually opened their own joint business venture and have booked so many weddings, showers, and family shoots. IN FACT, if you want, they are doing fall portraits for a great price! For $85, you can have a mini shoot with them at Bishops Pumpkin Patch! Here's the link to the information, if you live in the Sacramento area: Awe Captures Photography. PS They did not pay me to say that. I swear. I just totally think it's an amazing deal! She shoots all of my Howard Bunch family photos, because she's amazing!
 For Andy's birthday, my sister (in partnership with his family) bought him a bike - so that they could bike ride together! She put together an adorable scavenger hunt for him to find his present. So cute.
Happy birthday to my little sis and the man who makes her so ridiculously happy. We are so blessed to have you both in our lives.

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