Friday, September 26, 2014


I did something I NEVER thought I would do. EVER. Even my husband expressed his shock! "Are you sure you want to do THAT?" he said in a tone that meant, "Do you understand you might get dirty?"

First a little back story. My mom can tell you stories for days, I'm sure, but I have always hated to be dirty. HATED. I also had this weird thing where my sock seams had to line up exactly with my toes because I was so particular - even from a REALLY young age. Seriously. I call myself organized. Efficient. Smart. Particular. My husband calls it crazy. To each their own. I wish I had grown out of it, but I didn't. Even as an adult, I hate to be dirty. I don't even like to fingerpaint, because it gives me such anxiety. You should see me making homemade meat balls - it's comedic.

So, when my friend Sarah asked me if I wanted to do a mud run, it sounded fun - but I was worried about it. Would I be able to handle the mud? Would I have too much anxiety about getting dirty? But, it also sounded like so much fun and my friend really wanted to do it. So, I agreed.

Fast forward to the day of the run. My husband was cracking up because I got up and showered. And blow dried my hair. And did my makeup. I just couldn't help it. I knew I was going to be dirty - but that didn't mean I needed to start my day out dirty.

We showed up and I was so excited. They had a tattoo station and we put tattoos on. This photo below completely cracks me up. We spent about two minutes giggling and talking about "How to look Tough." Obviously we nailed it. Duh. Oh my gosh, it still cracks me up just looking at the photos!

Here was my before photo - all clean. 
The obstacles they had, included a slip-n-slide, wire crawl (where you crawl through mud on your stomach), a rope swing (where you swing across a mudpit - or if you're like me, you swing straight into it!), the halfway house (which is a big wooden slanted saw-horse that you have to climb up and down), two cargo climbs (a 10 foot wall with a cargo net - and then a 20 foot one), and then a Border Crossing obstacle, which is a huge wall with a rope that you climb up, and then the other side of the wall has slats of wood that you climb down. Here's a link to the obstacles, if you're curious what they look like. Some of the obstacles were actually pretty hard for me. The big cargo climb scared me a bit. 

Here's our after photo. It's actually sort of deceiving - because the very last obstacle is a slip-n-slide. So, you get significantly cleaned off before finishing. You should have seen us before that obstacle. It was insane. There was so much mud on my arms and hands, you could barely tell I had fingers. 
 Afterwards, there are "showers" that allow you to clean off - showering with your new best friends all covered in mud. I can add that to my bucket list. ;-)

Oh my goodness. I don't even have enough words to describe how fun it was. I literally went directly home, got on the computer, and looked up when the next one was - because it was SO MUCH fun. I would have done another one the next day if they had had one; that gives you an indication of how much I enjoyed it. A 5k in the mud? Check!
There's another one in March and I'm pretty sure my husband will be doing it with me, after he saw how much fun I had!!


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How cool!
That dose sound fun!!!

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my goodness! it was!!!

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