Thursday, October 2, 2014

Man. This Parenting Business is Tough.

I have had the craziest week. Now that my runs for my half marathon training have gotten so long, it's really hard to fit them in in the mornings before work (P.S. I also realize that "long" is relative. Those of you training for full marathons probably laugh at my "short" training runs!). Combine that with the fact that I adore the girls I run with and want to chat with them for a few minutes afterwards, and I feel like I'm on FAST FORWARD when I get home trying to fit it all it and still make it to work on time.

I feel like everyday is a game of how-much-can-Mommy-possibly-fit-into-one-day?!? A typical day involves a run, and then another game of how-quickly-can-I-shower-and-get-three-kids-dressed-and-fed-and-out-the-door to school, mixed in with a few tantrums. Then I teach all day. (And email parents back. And coordinate yearbook stuff. And enter grades. And attend IEP meetings. And email students back. And solve lots and lots and lots of student problems). Then I either go to a meeting for my work or Connor's PTA, pick up kids from after-school-care and preschool, make dinner, give kids baths, solve lots of problems, fights, and melt-downs, do homework with Connor, practice his high frequency words, put the kids to bed, and make lunches the night before for Connor, Daddy, and me. Then I'll fill out paperwork for field trips...and volunteer forms...and fundraiser forms...and picture day forms...I'll stop. But you get it. LOTS of forms. I usually try to do dishes and clean the kitchen too and then finally crawl into my own bed exhausted from not having a minute to think. Occasionally, too I'll throw blogging in the mix of crazy. **I find it particularly apropos that just as I'm typing a blog post about feeling like I don't get a minute to myself, I hear Isabella crying in her room (she's been in bed for an hour already!) because she's had a bad dream. Seems fitting. Poor babe.

I'm so lucky that Mr. Howard and I are such a great team (...and that he is the voice of reason when his wife, who is exhausted and sleep deprived, suggests we adopt TWO adorable dogs from a foster family who rescued them)! There'd be no way I could run or go to meetings if we weren't a complete team - but with three kids, three schools, four schedules/calendars, two full-time jobs, PTA meetings, and all the other day-to-day things we've got going - even with two of us doing and dividing everything, we're still constantly outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Man, this parenting thing is tough business. Wonderful. But Tough.


J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

yup I totally understand Jackie. Prayers for you daily... love you all

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love you too!!

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