Thursday, October 23, 2014

Midweek Randoms - Mommy, Wife, Teacher, Test Grader and Coffee Killer

Midweek Randoms On a Thursday. That's still considered midweek. Right?

This is probably a compilation of two weeks' worth of stuff - because I haven't done just a normal catch up post in a while!

Some early mornings just call for warm donuts:

 This photo, below, makes my heart happy. Isabella has always been our child filled with fears. Fear of walking. Fear of going down the slide. Fear of taking risks. And it's been a journey to encourage her to break down her walls, while acknowledging her need to warm up to things. I joke all the time that I prayed to God to give me a cuddler. "Just ONE!" I prayed. And then God laughed and gave me the clingy-est, tender-hearted child I've ever seen. And boy, do I absolutely LOVE my cuddler - but there is so much I had to pray for her. I walk the line of wanting to push her, but not push so hard that she shuts down.

Parks were always hard for us as a family, because she would stand on the sidelines crying because she wanted to do it, but was so afraid. So, when I saw her climbing this wall (ON HER OWN) and then saw her stand on top of her mountain with a huge smile on her face, I wanted to jump up and down...and scream...and throw a parade in her honor. It's a big deal, folks. HUGE.
 It was a super windy day, but we all climbed and played together!
 My students have spent the first few months of school reading The Outsiders. I make a whole unit out of it and hit a million standards with the one book - so it takes us a while. Well, we finished a few weeks ago and they got their Characterization posters done. I love getting to see their creativity on these!
 Hubby and I haven't done the best with our Date Nights, because I run so early and he works nights so often. But last week, the stars aligned, and we were able to get a hot chocolate - snuggle on the couch - Fault in our Stars - couch date. I was prepared for sad. But holy moly zoly. I was NOT prepared for that movie. If you're in need of a good cry - what? You don't get in the mood for that? - watch this movie. I am pretty sure I sobbed through 3/4ths of it. I just kept thinking about Hazel's parents.
 A couple nights ago, we were all sitting on the couch after dinner, watching cartoons, when Aiden crawled onto my hubby. Adorable.
 Every year when we finish all our Outsiders projects in my 7th grade English classes, I show the movie and always serve popcorn on the first day! This year I got popcornopolis kettle corn to serve to all my English classes. I know it's hard to tell, but those bags of popcorn were as big as the width of my tables! You should have seen me trying to carry them inside my classroom (along with my purse, lunch, and coffee); my custodian actually saw me struggling across campus and came to carry them for me.
 While they watch the movie, I spend the 2.5 hours grading their Outsiders tests. This year I created a 75 question test that had about 50 short answer or essay questions on it. Have I mentioned I have 75 students?!? What was I thinking? The good news? They did REALLY, REALLY well. My class average was a very high C, which is the average I normally get on a short five-question open-note history quiz. So I'm going to consider that a win!
 This was how I started my Wednesday morning. It basically happened in slow motion. I dropped it and, like in the movies when they slowww down the frames and speech, yelled "Nooooooooooooooooooo," as I tried to catch it. There's no amount of coffee I could have consumed that would have made this moment any less tragic. No joke: had there not been some left in the container, I may have resorted to scooping some off the top of the pile to use. I won't even try to deny it. I need coffee to function. Thankfully, for me and my health, there was still coffee left in the container I could use.
Needless to say, I think the spilled coffee kind of sums up my Wednesday and Thursday. Not great.


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yay Isabella! I love the family picture at the park, such a cute idea.

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Haha! Hubby thought that photo would turn out cute, and it turned out cuter than I thought!

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