Saturday, November 29, 2014

12 Excuses Not to Date Your Husband

My husband and I lead a crazy life. We have three children, who are all less than two years apart. We are members of a Mothers of Multiples Group. We have preschool activities to support and contribute to, and a kindergartner with homework, parent conference, PTA meetings, and events! We both work full time jobs. We have a house to take care of, relationships with friends to nurture, and family to spend time with. I run four days a week and do races several times a year. It is an understatement to say that we are busy, busy, busy. By my count, we probably have at least 12 viable excuses for why we don't have time to nurture our marriage. 12 excuses. That's a lot.

But we also know that we NEED to nurture our relationship. Just google the statistics of how many marriages survive. Seriously. It was just me and Mr. Howard when we first got married, and it'll just be the two of us long after the kids move out. It isn't always easy to put our marriage first and, honestly, sometimes we aren't great at it. But we have a deal that we have at least one date a week. Most of those dates are at-home dates, but we were lucky enough to sneak in an Out of the House Date Night a few days ago! 

My mom asked if she could hang out with Connor one day this past week and he was so excited! My darling husband asked me if I wanted to go see Hunger Games MOCKINGJAY Part 1 that night and we decided to go! My amazing brother and sister-in-law watched the kids.

Beforehand we went out to Wingstop and met my brother and sister-in-law for dinner!
Then, afterwards, hubby and I headed off to the theater while the kids went home to bed.
Despite the long list of excuses I could give to you as to why it's impossible to Date Your Husband when you have three children and busy lives, we choose to find a way to make it work. We choose a happy marriage over excuses.


J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

How fun! I'm so glad that y'all had a chance to get away and enjoy each other :) I love the title yet not listing them :-p And that's a great photo of y'all!

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hehe. Well, because, really at the end of the day - are there ANY good excuses to not spend time with your husband? :-)

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