Thursday, November 20, 2014

Drink a sip of wine for every pair of underwear you fold...

Bet you're curious about that blog title, huh? An explanation is coming...What is with my post titles lately involving alcohol? Eek. Can you tell what kind of weeks I've been having?

I am still catching up from my week, but don't want to miss a couple recaps!

Hubby thought he was being quite funny at sushi, acting like he was impaired. But the joke is on him - because I'm posting this! :-) My brother and sister-in-law came out to sushi with us and we had such yummy food!

 Last week we had a little tummy bug hit our house! I was sick and then Connor threw up a couple times. I did a bit of research and one of the things they suggested was cleaning all your clothes out the hamper, because clothes can spread the illness (especially my kids - they'll throw a sweater they haven't worn in the top of the pile and I'll take it out because it's clean...but now it's already touched the dirty clothes). I stripped every kids' bedding and did about four loads of laundry just with bedding. Then, I did 8 loads of clothing laundry on Monday and Tuesday and washed about 40 pairs of underpants. Holy Moly Zoly.

I joked on instagram that I played the game "take a sip of wine for every pair of underwear I fold." I didn't exactly do a 1:1 correlation with sips of wine, but I will tell you that I got drunk after 40 pairs of underpants. Drunk. On a Tuesday night. Ridiculous. Eeek. Perhaps I'll keep the drinking games to weekends.
 Also last week, I went and got my hair done. I am not sure very many people will be able to relate to this, but I just always feel so much better after re-entering the world of blondes. Blondes do really have more fun, you know?
 People are always surprised to find out I'm not a real blonde. I think I was supposed to be, but somehow I got brunette hair - dark brunette hair. Funny story...I actually wore a blonde wig for a play I was in in high school and EVERYONE (and I really mean EVERYONE) told me I looked good as a blonde - teachers, classmates, friends' parents. I have never in my life gotten more compliments than when I wore that blonde wig. At that point, I started going lighter and lighter. I've been dying my hair for 15 years now, so most people who know me, have only ever known me as a blonde.
 My mother-in-law always sends the kids adorable clothes that she's handmade or appliqued. She sent us these adorable chipmunk outfits and the kids are obsessed. Don't tell anyone, but they've actually worn them two days in a row (without being washed! Gasp!). I can't pry them off their bodies.
 Last week, hubby and I put the kids to bed and watched Begin Again. Such a cute movie. I was impressed.
At the beginning of the week, I had a few rough days. My students were giving me a run for my money. My kids were trying every ounce of patience I had. And I felt like I wanted to stomp my feet and throw a temper tantrum to get anyone and everyone to listen to me. I recorded this in the car on Tuesday and posted it to Instagram (@thehowardbunch) with the caption, "Stupid Tuesday." Pretty much sums it up.
Connor had his very first parent conference on Monday and it went great! It was fun (and weird) to be on the other end of the table. I am SO ridiculously thankful for his amazing teacher and all the teachers at my kids' school who watch and care for my littles while they're away from me. Before I became a teacher myself, I'm not sure I completely appreciated how difficult a job it is and I know that with a village of professionals, he will get so much more than I could ever give to him by myself. I am so thankful.


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