Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In this family, we dance; we play; we build forts; we make messes...

My job outside of the home, as a teacher, is hard. So very hard. I could fill a book with the stories I have heard from students and the experiences I've had. But there are some amazing parts about being a teacher, too. I do think it was what I was completely meant to be. But, honestly, now that I am a mom - the most special thing is that I get to spend holidays with my family. Having a husband who works in the retail world, I can tell you, I do not take time off for the holidays for granted. At all.
I am beyond thankful that I am a Mommy. I prayed for this for a year. I wasn't sure my prayers would come true. And when I look at the faces of these three littles who often make me feel like I need to be in a padded room, I remind myself how blessed I am. I think losing a child gives you perspective. Perspective about what noise means. It means your kids are here. Perspective about silliness. It means your kids are growing. Perspective about wiggly bodies. It means your kids are learning. My philosophy? Let them be little. Behaved, of course. Polite, of course. But little. Which is why in this family, we dance; we play; we build forts; we make messes; we giggle; we wiggle; we give kisses; and we ask for forgiveness A LOT (usually about 1,000 times a day!).
This holiday break is especially amazing because my kids are old enough to understand the excitement of time off from school! We kicked off our holiday break on Friday night with roasted marshmallows with Uncle Colin and Aunt Becca! Oh and with Nova Pup. ;-)
The kids are enthralled with real fireplaces, since in California any new homes that are built have to have electric fireplaces (and since we built our house last year, we do not have a real one!)
Aunt Becca snapped this one of me and the kids. Obviously marshmallow sticks double as swords. Duh.
 On Saturday hubby had to work and I had one less kid (Isabella spent the night at my brother's) and so I took advantage of only having two kids and went grocery shopping!
 I do think I get the best of both worlds. I get to work in my dream job (most days it's a dream) and then I get long breaks doing the most noble of jobs as a stay-at-home mom.
 My favorite parts of being a stay-at-home Mom are all the mundane, normal things I get to do with them. Snuggling on the couch...letting them use my legs as a race car track...making pies with them...going to the park...taking them on walks...making them pancakes for breakfast (not very well, I should add)...and watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 for the hundredth time (it's replaced Frozen, in our house).
I am blessed.


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