Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midweek Randoms

 I know I mentioned in a lot of my posts that I'm feeling overwhelmed, and that probably isn't the best word to describe it. Of course it's a lot to manage, but it isn't bad. We are just so busy! Part of that has been my husband's job - where he has to work certain weekends. It makes his off weekends so busy, because we're trying to cram a month worth of appointments and errands into two days! We grocery shop and meal plan every weekened, but it's all the other stuff that just takes so much time (hair cuts...buying clothes for family photos... cleaning... running... taking the car into the shop... celebrating birthdays, etc). It's a lot. It's all good busy. But busy is busy! I know I'm not alone in trying to figure it all out.
Ever since my half marathon, I've been REALLY bad about consistently running. I need to get back on the running bandwagon, but when I'm not training for something - it's really easy to just sleep instead! I'm going to be better! I don't think I have posted this photo, but this is one of my FAVORITE parts about running long runs. My hubby will put lotion on his hands (he hates, hates, hates lotion normally) and massage my calves and feet after long races. I love it. I'd run a half, just to get a massage afterwards. Ha!

I have run a couple runs the past few weeks, but nothing compared to what I was running before. I usually try to get in four running days a week and lately I've been lucky if I have two days. I did, however do 8 miles on Sunday. When I told my husband I was going to run 8 miles, he said, "WHY?" What? Do normal people not just run 8 miles for fun?!? Hmm. Weird.

My mother-in-law sent the kids these adorable Halloween Jammies a while ago and the kids have gotten lots of use out of them. I think they are going to wear them all the way until Thanksgiving too - since they're Fall-ish. My kids aren't really jammie people (they'd rather just sleep in underwear), but they'll wear these easily. So funny what a difference cute clothes make in whether or not they want to wear them.

I love that they don't have feet too - because we'll probably get a whole nother year out of them!

Connor had Crazy Hair Day a while ago at school. I wanted to put rubber bands in his hair and go completely crazy, but he was worried about what his friends would say. When did that happen? When did my son's peers have more influence than me? Yikes! I knew it was coming, but I thought I had a good couple of years first.

He didn't have any problem providing me crazy faces for Crazy Hair Day. I love that child.

These shirts are from my mother-in-law too. She made them last year and we got two whole years out of them! I love when that happens!

We took the kids to the Target aisles to see if there was anything they wanted to put on their Christmas list. I know this is going to sound very Grinch-like, but is anyone else not super happy with all the "junk" that comes along with Christmas? I swear my kids were just pointing to random toys they didn't even need. I don't know if it's just my kids, but I don't even think toys keep them all that occupied for very long. I really like this Toyless Christmas List. It's amazing and has 100 ideas. Has anyone ever tried a toyless Christmas? I'll have to ask my mom, but I don't remember really liking toys even when I was little. I remember wanting clothes and money and outings - so maybe that's where I get my grinch-iness about toys.

This past weekend, we celebrated Connor passing his high frequency word list that he had been stuck on for a few weeks! We let him choose his celebration and he chose a chocolate ice cream cone celebration with his siblings. Like father, like son. Connor does really well on his high frequency words in context (he reads them all when we're reading at night in his book), but he struggles a bit when they're isolated and when they don't follow the rules of phonics (e.g. for "they", he pronounces it "the-yuh") - but he'll read "they" correctly in context.

We've been sticking to our Date Nights once a week. We put the kids to bed early and hubby and I do dinner by ourselves, just the two of us and usually watch a movie or play a game. I'm sure that's not Date Night material for a lot of people, but I'll take what I can with three small children. For a special treat last week, hubby surprised me with sushi. Holy moly. I'm pretty sure all anyone needs to get me for Christmas is just an unlimited supply of sushi gift cards. Ha! A date night isn't complete for us without champagne either, so he surprised me with that too!

I know I've mentioned this before, but I swear by date nights. Our only rule? No excuses. I hear a lot of people say they have no time with small children and boy do I get it. But seriously! You can make a date out of anything: you have to put it on the calendar and, like the Nike motto, just DO IT!

We watched Are You Here? I didn't love it, but I liked all the actors Zach Galifanikis, Owen Wilson, and Amy Poehler. I have a weird thing about movie choices. I love watching all sorts of movies on my own time, but now that I have kids and my time with my husband is so limited - I don't want to waste a date night on a sad movie. I like comedies and romances. Boring; I know.

Now that the weather is getting very fall-like, we were even able to have a fire for our date. Quite cozy!

Usually in the winter we switch to hot chocolate for our date nights, but some nights call for something stronger!
I mentioned that I haven't been running very much, BUT who would pass up the opportunity to run on Superhero Run Day? Umm. Not me! I'm pretty sure if you're going to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to run, you might as well dress in Superhero Attire! I can't imagine what all the people thought of us running in the dark at 5:30 in the morning, in full superhero garb. I like to imagine their thoughts while I'm running. You can see people do a double-take as we go by!

We have a keurig mini and I love it, but it only makes a half cup of coffee. For the past few months, I have just been drinking the half cup and moving on, but lately - oh goodness - lately, I have NEEDED that whole cup filled to the top. You should see us crazy coffee-loving fiends at 6am - hubby and I have to brew 4 keurigs to do our two huge cups of coffee. I told Mr. Howard the other morning, "I know I shouldn't admit this because it shows the depths of my coffee addiction, but this makes me HAPPY." Seeing that huge cup of coffee, and drinking that huge cup of coffee, makes my heart happy. I am in the best mood all day. And I swear it's not even the caffeine. Even before I drink it, seeing it all warm in my mug just makes me feel so much happiness. I wonder if that's how addicts feel. Yikes.


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