Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Biggest Little Guy

Things have been crazy over here! I wish I could show you my calendar, because it looks like an explosion. I've got three different school's calendars on mine (Connor's, the twins' preschool calendar, and then my school); I have got parent conferences for Connor and my own students...afterschool interventions I teach...meetings I attend...dates I have to drop Connor off early and be picked up early...dates I'm sending in snacks for the teachers and snacks for kids...days Connor needs to return his library books - or turn in his homework - or random forms...days the twins don't have school, but I do - so they have to go to my mom's...days Connor doesn't have school, but I do - so he has to go to my mom's...It's crazy! Every single day on my calendar for months has about 8 different things on it. I had no idea how busy three kids would keep me! There is so much I love about being a working Mama, but one sad thing are events that I have to miss at my kids' schools. Thankfully, my husband has much more flexible hours and so what I can't make, he is able to attend! He and my brother attended Connor's Jog-a-thon recently and were able to take pictures for me!

 Connor was very excited about "running like Mommy." We even bought him new running shoes, so that he could run fast. After his jog-a-thon he said, "Mama, I ran the most laps in my class. Those shoes you got me sure were fast!" Haha! If only that's how it worked; I would have bought the fastest shoes possible! This particular photo just cracks me up. Look at his little face:
The babies and Uncle Colin would cheer every time Connor would go past. 
 Connor did the most laps in his class and even won an award! Trying to ask a five-year-old how many laps he actually did and get a straight answer is futile. I got a different answer every time I asked. Regardless, what I DO know is that it was a lot!
For weeks all I heard about was how Uncle Colin came to see him at his Jog-a-Thon! Apparently, all I have to do to keep my biggest little guy happy is invite Uncle Colin. Maybe I should send HIM my calendar?


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