Saturday, November 8, 2014

Superhero Family

Every year my Mothers of Multiples Group has a Halloween Parade and it's the perfect opportunity to dress my kids in their costumes in the daylight and get photos!

Every Halloween we go with a theme and this year we chose Superheroes! I just picked out a few themes I thought Connor would like and then let him pick his costume first. Based on what he chose, I gave the catalog to the twins and let them pick out whichever superhero costume they wanted. I don't know if I will be able to get another year of themes out of them or if I'll have to let the themes go, but I'll play it by ear next year! The babies' first year they dressed as sushi and soy sauce. The second year they were a Flintstone Family. And then this year superheroes!

 My little Superhero Twins
This is the first year they haven't worn handmade costumes since the babies were born. Isabella's costume was from Chasing Fireflies.
 Aiden's costume was from Amazon.
 And Connor's was from Amazon too!
 They were all most excited about their capes.
They kill me with their cuteness!
 It was pretty cold at the park. And all the kids wanted to do was cling to our legs and cry. Poor babes. It was probably in the 40's with a LOT of wind. Boo!
 All the kids are always SO adorable! For the parade part, we walk around the park and there are people passing out candy at different spots along the path.
 My kids were pretty darn excited about the candy this year.
 Despite the cold weather, it was worth it! I don't get to go to enough Mothers of Multiples Events, but it's nice chatting with Mamas like me - even if only for a couple minutes!


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