Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A North Pole Breakfast - Welcome Back, Buddy!

We decided to do something we had never done before this year! A welcome breakfast for our Elf! December 1st fell on a Monday and so our elf made his appearance on Sunday, December 30th.

 Buddy did the cutest thing for our Breakfast. I had already set the table up for the breakfast the night before, so he must have known about his special celebration and wanted to be our centerpiece. That Buddy is nothing if not an attention hog. We had left Connor's letter to Santa out and he wanted it front and center!
I swear that photo of Aiden is not staged. This is what he did when he climbed up and saw Buddy in his snowman costume. He was RIDICULOUSLY excited. 
Buddy, our elf, did personalized letters to each kid reminding them who he was. He must have found the letters HERE. The kids STILL ask me to re-read those letters from Buddy to them. They were a hit!
We thought it would be fun to invite my family over for breakfast and so my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law all came over (my sister wanted to come, but was out of town). I wanted to serve yummy food, but I really hate cooking pancakes, bacon, and eggs - because they mean you're standing in a kitchen cooking while your guests are over. So, instead, I decided on homemade cinnamon rolls and a sausage, hashbrown, and egg breakfast casserole. For my cinnamon rolls, I actually combine recipes. I use Paula Deen's recipe for the glaze and filling. And then I use an overnight, no-yeast, super buttery, moist recipe for the dough. I just like the flakiness of it and it's not super sweet, which, to me, counteracts all the sugar you put in the glaze and filling. I also like it because I can premake it and then just pop it in the oven in the morning. This way I can make it while the kids are sleeping at night, instead of trying to cook while simultaneously answering the question, "when is breaaaakfassssst?" two million, nine hundred, thirty-eight times and also attempting not to step on the three small children who gather at my feet. I clearly have no experience with this, you know. 
I also made some peppermint hot cocoa, but really only the kids drank that - because the rest of us drank COFFEE!!! As excited as we were about the coffee, I am pretty sure the kids were MORE excited about their big kid "coffee cups" for the hot cocoa. My mom sat with Isabella while she drank her cocoa! 
 My brother and sister-in-law and the kids:
My dad was there, I swear. I have several photos of him in the background, but didn't get any with him. The boys all sat and watched football for the majority of the morning, while the kids, my mom, and sister-in-law all made snow with the kids (wait for a post about that!). 


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