Sunday, December 14, 2014

In a Meadow of Green

I have been on a little hiatus. My laptop died. Kaput. El fin. It was going to cost $150 to have a diagnostic test done on it and then who knows how much to actually fix the problem. So, instead, I spent that money on a new laptop. But now I am happy to report that I have a device to blog on!

When we moved up North, there were a few things I was so excited to do (that I couldn't have done in Palm Springs where I grew up!) and one of those things was to get a fresh tree! Ever since the kids have been born, we've made a tradition of going to a place where you can cut your own tree and the kids just adore it! Secretly (or not so secretly), I adore it equally.

We had had a lot of rain the days before, so it was VERY muddy.

My dad, mom, brother, and sister-in-law came with us! 
After we picked out our tree, I asked my dad to snap this photo of us with the tree, below. But, honestly, the best part about this photo isn't our cute little family; so I zoomed in to give you a good idea of the real life moment we're having with a three-year-old. Poor baby. It's hard to be three. 
I have the newest iphone 6+ and one of the coolest camera features is this time lapse it does! I took a time lapse of me decorating the tree with three small ones. My hubby wasn't home for most of it, but came home at the very end. Then after the kids went to bed, Mr. Howard and I "fixed" the tree (aka spread the ornaments over more than just the lower third of the tree).


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