Monday, December 22, 2014

Magical Twinkling Lights

We have one of those Christmas Lights streets near us that goes all out for Christmas. There are even companies who sell limo rides with hot chocolate through the neighborhood for families wanting to experience the lights in a more luxurious way. It's always a fun night!

A few moms in my mothers of multiples (M.O.M.) group agreed to come with my little family to walk around and look at Christmas lights. It lightly sprinkled while we were walking around, which was the only slight bummer. But I was so thankful for the company and Mr. Howard connected over all things boy with one of the M.O.M. Dads.

 Hubby and I stayed bundled up and walked with Connor, while the twins sat in the stroller.
I think we are going to try to go again one more time, since it was sprinkling and so many moms couldn't come. This will actually be the third time the kids go because they went (on a non-raining night) with Aunt Becca and Uncle Colin! The kids got to sit in the back of Uncle Colin's truck.


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