Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nobody did what they were supposed to do...and half the kids cried...

Aiden and Isabella's Christmas Play:

Every year my kids' preschool does the Story of Christmas play. Oh my goodness; it's so adorable. Last year Isabella played the angel; Aiden was a wise man; and Connor was Joseph. This year, because there were soo many littler littles (there are at least five kids 2-years-old and younger), their teacher switched it up and did a Christmas in the Kitchen version. Isabella played Mary and Aiden played a chef in the kitchen. It was adorable.

Nobody did what they were supposed to do...half of the kids cried...and kids were wandering on and off "stage," but boy did it make my heart happy. Isabella hysterically sobbed from the second her costume was put on her. She has so much anxiety about standing in front of people. But then at the VERY end, she busted this out:
While Aiden didn't really sing, he did perform one of his lines and stood up there the entire time (which is a huge improvement from last year!).


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