Sunday, December 7, 2014

Of course it's hard; if it were easy, everyone would do it

I haven't done a running update in a while and I thought it was time! Honestly, I've been horrible about running. I'm trying to give myself grace because at this time last year I was horrible about running too. I am not a "run in the cold" kinda girl. But I'm going to get better. I am doing a 10k in February a half marathon in March. I do best with specific races to train for.

This was taken Thanksgiving Morning. I love my group. We woke up bright and early and ran with the goats! I always love our run event titles. This particular one was called "Bye Bye Pumpkin Pie." Hilarious. Thankfully I don't like pumpkin pie, so I didn't have any pie to work off - but I did have cinnamon rolls to work off! =)

I'm sure we look like a bunch of crazy people when we take our running pictures in the parking lot at the crack of dawn (and oftentimes in the dark!) - but they're so much fun!
We've perfected the selfies and car-timer selfies.
My favorite part about running is looking at the calories. I definitely didn't feel as guilty this holiday season on days when I ran several miles.
Yesterday we did a 5 mile run in the cold, dark rain. It was my first run in a while and I could feel it in my body while I was running. Thankfully I wasn't sore at all afterwards, but it was definitely a good wakeup call to get my body back in shape, because I don't want to lose all the hard work I've done. 
This morning, I did something I've never done before and it was SO ridiculously exhilarating...I volunteered at the California International Marathon. Watching the elite runners was spectacular, but watching everyone else - the first time marathoners, the 10-time marathoners, the young ones, the older ones - it was just so motivating. There was a woman who was very pregnant and completely kicking bootie at mile 21; there were several blind people; there were people in wheelchairs; there was a woman with a prosthetic leg. 
At the VERY end of the race, we saw a woman running alone, right in front of the pacer car, and one of the women in our group decided to run with her for about 50 yards. The marathoner was crying and I couldn't help but wonder if she was embarrassed that she was last. What she didn't know is that she probably inspired me a million times more than the ones at the front of the pack. There she was trucking along. Not giving up. Behind her, there were probably about 30 people who weren't going to make the 6-hour cut-off and just kept going on the sidewalks anyway, since they had already opened the roads back up. That is pretty darn inspiring too! I am in awe of all the different types of people out there and it cements, for me, even more of why I feel blessed to be called a runner. This is why I set goals and achieve them. This is why I try so very hard not to diminish my accomplishments, because you never know who you are inspiring. My favorite quote lately is one that I kept thinking about today. "Of course running is hard. It's supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it." 


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