Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Three, Trois, Tre, Tres

For Hubby's Birthday, he had three celebrations! What a lucky man!

We always do a Family celebration with my small Howard Family of 5, but this year since my sister and Andy couldn't come to the Kirkpatrick celebration, they came and joined us at ours.

I went and got cupcakes for everyone and they are by far my favorite part about celebrating birthdays. I bought gingerbread, vanilla, peppermint, German chocolate, snicker-doodle, chocolate, and a special Blackberry Pie cupcake for the birthday boy.

Then a few nights after his real birthday, we got a sitter and hubby and I went out to Studio Movie Grill. I don't know if you have one of these near you (we JUST had one open last week), but it is the coolest concept. It's a movie theatre with a restaurant and full bar. Amazing! We got drinks at the bar while we waited for our theatre to open. Then we went in and got our seats. You have a full menu to order from and the servers bring you your food in the theatre (during previews...and then during the movie, if you want).
We ordered appetizers, dinner, and drinks - and everything was so delicious. I do not have a single complaint about the food, except that I was too full to order dessert. Ha! 
You can order anything you like during the movie (including popcorn and candy) and I thought that would be ridiculously distracting; but honestly, it wasn't bad. I think, of course, it's sort of a give and take. You have to sacrifice a little distraction in order to get the benefit of having a full service restaurant in a movie theatre. But for me, as a mom of small children, it's an amazing opportunity for a date night. You can get a babysitter for only a couple hours and get both a movie and dinner with your spouse. I think in a month or two too, the theatre will have worked out some of their kinks and probably have the service down to an art (we went the very first week they opened), which will make the service even less distracting.

For our third and final celebration, Mr. Howard had his annual Kirkpatrick family dinner. He requested my mom's famous steak salad (about the only kind of salad I've ever seen him request) and then we had my mom's homemade chocolate cupcakes!
Obviously, my husband is so ridiculously loved!


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