Thursday, December 11, 2014


We are in a crazy weather storm here in Northern California. Some schools near us have been canceled due to potential power outages and flooding. Of course, lucky me, my school was not one of them - so I went to work. I am so thankful for the rain (as California is currently in one of the worst droughts in decades), but would much rather it not come in this form. Our buildings are not made for these kinds of storms - and my classroom leaks in a normal, simple storm (see below. That was from a pretty basic storm earlier last week) - let alone the kind we're having now! My family doesn't even own rain boots. P.S. That picture below? Well, they came and fixed it after that storm. And lo and's leaking from that exact same spot again today. Hmmm.

So what does one do for PE when there are 40 mph gusts of winds and pouring rain and you have no gym at your school? Why, do a beanbag shooting game and calculate percentages, of course! They actually had so much fun!
I do have to say that the nice part is that I am getting A LOT of use out of my rain jacket. Haha! It's really the first time in a few years it's been a necessity!! 


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