Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Midweek Randoms

Midweek Randoms. On a Tuesday. Ha! That's midweek, right? It's also my very first post of 2015!

First of all, Happy New Year. 2014 was such an amazing year for my family and I can't wait to see what this year brings for us. 

We had the most exciting New Year's Eve one could possibly have! We put the kids to bed at 7, had sushi appetizers, and cooked artichokes and steak. We sipped our wedding champagne (the kind - not the actual bottles) from our wedding flutes and celebrated on the couch. We know how to PARTAYYYYY. There will be a season for a different kind of partying, but 2015 was not that season.
One goal I have set for myself this year is to do more half marathons than I did in 2014. In 2013, I did one half marathon. In 2014, I did two halfs and I'd like to do at least three in 2015. To kick off that goal, I am starting my official training for the Shamrock'n very soon. If I went by the same training I did last year, I would need to have started a few weeks ago, but since I'm already doing 6-9 miles on the weekend, I'm already ahead of where I need to be. What I need to get under control are my weekly runs! I have lots of excuses. My kids are waking up with nightmares; I can't sleep at night; I take turns playing, "put the toddler to bed" in the middle of the night; and, of course, the biggest - I am just so tired! But really, no excuse is valid. I need to get my bootie in gear when that alarm goes off at 5am! I'm pretty sure I sense a theme about this topic over the last few weeks. 
My number one relationship goal in 2015 is to execute more creative dates. We're really good about making our relationship intentional. We've mastered taking time out of our busy schedules to be together. But I just want our dates to be a little more exciting and creative. So I'm going to be working on that! Any ideas? 
We had the absolute best Christmas break and I can honestly say it was by far my favorite break in a long time. The kids are old enough to enjoy the season! We were able to do so much and I was able to run in the mornings without worrying about sleep (since I knew I could rest during the day!). It definitely gave me a little glimpse into what my world would be like as a stay-at-home Mama! My favorite part was that the kids were able to be a little independent (just don't leave them unattended for too long or you might come upstairs to find this:)
Don't worry though. Thankfully I have a heavy duty carpet cleaner, which has been a life saver more times than I can count. Here's what it looked like afterwards.
We spent a lot of time cuddling, watching movies, and just playing together! I had a couple projects I wanted  to get done, but only got one of them done. I'm not even going to stress about that, though, because I did a lot of something I don't get to do enough - and that's just spend time with my littles. Here was the one project I completed! The kids use our linen closet to grab blankets, sheets, etc. for their forts they're constantly building and it's left it in disarray. This closet has never really been organized, because it always seemed like an uphill battle. But then I had a genius thought! I came up with a "fort basket" that they can use. They're not allowed to touch anything, but what's in that fort basket. See. Genius, I tell you!
I may not have tackled organization projects and cleaning tasks, but don't worry. I have my priorities straight. My three-year-old and I practiced how to do the perfect kissy-face selfie. Clearly we need to practice more before we'll have it perfected. 
One morning we even had donuts the size of the kids' heads. Haha. Look how big it is compared to Isabella. 
Of course, like any good thing - it must come to an end. I am back to working full time with those middle schoolers, who like to keep me on my toes. We're about to dive head-first into yearbook pre-sales and it's always a bit exhausting for me, since the kids can't touch the money and receipt book. I can't even believe we're already half way done with this school year! Holy Moly.

Happy New Year, friends! I hope this is the year where all your goals are achieved!


J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Happy New Year!! I am glad I finally have a day to catch up on all the blogs. I have loved reading all the recent posts. Good Luck with the running this year :) You are a great role model for all of us!! My goal is to do my first 5K this year--baby steps!!

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You can do it!! I'm sure you'll rock it, girl!!

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