Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Midweek Randoms

So much has happened and I just can't seem to keep up with blogging this week. I love writing; it's my favorite thing to do - and even when I'm just writing about what I did that week or what we did on a particular outing, it's nice to write something other than lesson plans, or grocery lists, or one sentence Facebook status updates. And I hate when I don't have time to do it all. 

Our lives have been crazy. But not crazy as in fun parties, exciting outings, and wild adventures. Although, I guess one could call my life a wild adventure most days. Ha! You should see what an adventure it is taking three hungry children into the grocery store on a day when we have no milk and all three of them are on the verge of their 19,345,691th meltdown. If there's one word to describe that, W-I-L-D would definitely be it! No, but really, my evenings consist of this below. How am I old enough to be that mom sitting at the dining room table, helping my child with his homework?!? Aren't I too young for that? Every night, this is where you'll find us. Well, until baseball starts. 
Last Monday, we hosted a Monday Night Football party, which mainly consisted of the boys watching football, while I wrangled munchkins. Hubby requested I make nothing healthy. He actually used those words. He asked for appetizer-ish food and I obliged. PS. If you haven't made those ham and swiss sandwiches with poppy seeds, you are missing out. They are amazing! You can find the recipe EVERYWHERE.
Last week, my husband and brother went snowboarding in Tahoe. They sent me pictures like this one below all day, while I was working - just to further illustrate the point that they are cooler than me. I'm not sure why they bother; everyone knows they're cooler than me.
Speaking of cooler than me. My meanie children have decided that in the battle of who is the cooler parent, Daddy has won. Why is it that? What makes Daddy so cool?!? Anytime I tell them I'm picking them up from school that day, a mini tantrum occurs as they all try to be the first one to say, "WHY CAN'T DADDY PICK US UP?!?" Supposedly, though, when my husband tells them he's picking them up from school, they say, "Why can't MAMA get us?!?" So apparently they're just in a "grass is always greener" phase. Or at least that's what my incredibly intelligent husband says when he's trying to butter me up before bed. I kid...I kid. But really my heart just melts that they love him so much!
 My parents went out of town last week and all my siblings and I thought that would be the perfect time to get together at their house for a party. We took this selfie and then texted it to them. You know, because, obviously an event didn't happen unless there's a selfie to prove it...Kinda like if a tree falls in the middle of the forest, and there was no one there to take a selfie next to the tree, did it REALLY happen?
 Aiden. Goodness gracious. That child. I have never met such a vocally sweet child. Ever. His favorite thing to tell you is that he missed you. "Mama, I missed you today..." "Grandfather, where were you? I missed you!" And he'll come up out of nowhere, plant a kiss on your cheek, climb in your lap and say, "Mama, I love you!" and burry his head in your neck for five minutes. NONE of my other kids do that. But boy is that child also my biggest tester. If he isn't testing me; he's thinking about how he CAN test me. If he isn't being mischievous; he's making a master plan for how he CAN be mischievous. It's crazy. That child figured out, on his own, how to open a lock in our house (by unplugging his lamp, walking the entire heavy lap over to the door, and using the plug-side as a key, twisting it on the back of the door -  in order to twist open the lock). Seriously. There's no child safety lock that will keep him out of anything. Nothing is too high for him to climb. He's going to be something super important when he grows up. Like maybe a master ninja warrior. Okay. Maybe that's a bit dramatic. Definitely something in the CIA. You think I'm kidding. This photo below sums up how our month has been going.
 Seven nights a week, I have something going on. If I'm not rushing home to make dinner and do homework with Connor/baths/and bedtime with the kids, then I'm going to a meeting after school, or teaching after school interventions, or running to the post office, or heading over to a union meeting, or staying after work to work on the yearbook, or enter grades, or...well, you get the point. So, you can imagine how nice it is when what I'm rushing of to is a haircut and color. I sit in a chair for two hours and just have girl talk with my hairdresser. It's pretty much the only night every 8 weeks that I have a complete 100% break. And it's heavenly. My appointment was last week and I'm kinda thinking 8 weeks is just too long a time to go. RIGHT? No one likes roots. I'm really only trying to look out for the people forced to look at my hair.
What have YOU been up to?!?


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