Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thanks for the Giggles

A few days after Christmas, while Mr. Howard's parents were here, we decided to take the kids to the snow for the day! Off we headed to Tahoe! It's only a couple hour drive from our house, so it makes for a pretty simple day trip (although, really, we need to probably take them back and spend the night so they can play longer).

The weather was really beautiful. It was in the 30's (which is what it was in Sacramento too!), and in the sun it felt pretty nice.

 Mr. Howard's parents came with us and braved the cold to see the kids play and sled in the snow!
 The kids LOVED the snow. Their only complaint was that their hands were cold. Next time we go, we'll need gloves (last time we went, they all took off their gloves and wouldn't wear them, so we didn't even bring them with us! Oops!).
 So my funny story from the day was that we asked a group of young men to take a big family photo of us. One of the guys smiled and said he'd be happy to. When I got the phone back, I saw the selfie he had taken (photo bottom right). HILARIOUS! Hubby said I should take a selfie, so we could make him part of our little family on the blog too. I still giggle when I see that photo of him.
Welcome to our little family, dude. Thanks for the giggles.
We're planning another trip to play in the snow soon! Here is a timelapse video of every single person in my little family of five sledding:


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