Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Midweek Randoms

Last week my husband invited some of his coworkers over for a dinner party. I loved it, not only because I love to entertain, but also because I got to love on some babies!! One of the guests has a gluten allergy and two of the guests don't drink alcohol, so I ended up serving something I had never made before (always a risk!), but I actually really loved it. I will definitely make it again! HERE is the recipe if you want to try it. It was so simple and clean and very easy to serve for company. The only alteration I would make would be to season the chicken with some spices beforehand (maybe a lemon pepper?)

I also found a gluten free lemonade and served it in wine glasses!
Several weeks ago, a friend was selling her treadmill and I decided to get it! I've been wanting to see if I'd actually like running on a treadmill or not - and it turns out, in short doses with a few episodes of Real Housewives, I actually do like it! It's nice for runs when I can't find someone to go with me - or on days when it's just too cold or hot.
Last Tuesday hubby called me at work to tell me that on the way to school Connor had run into a parked car. Apparently, he hit right at the perfect spot because the poor guy got a pretty big gash on his cheek.
This past weekend, Hubby and I had a little "Kitchen Table" Date, while the kids were napping. We cut out 34 rocket ship parts for the kids' Valentines for school. This week Connor wrote his name on his (I'm just going to do the twins' names for them) so that tonight, when the kids go to bed, we can hot glue them all together. Every year I get suckered into handmade Valentines, instead of just buying some from the store. How does this happen?!? I joke about it, but I'm sure there will be a day when I am complaining about the fact that that they won't let me participate in their Valentines anymore.
We've had a few pretty rainy days. This past Monday it was pouring rain and I was carrying lunchpails, backpacks, my purse, my lunch, and school bag to the car in shifts. After getting all the stuff loaded up, I went back to get Aiden and buckle him in. Just as I was turning to go get the other two one-at-a-time, I saw Connor assisting his little sister to the car with her umbrella. Hello adorableness.
Monday was a holiday for Connor, but not for me. So he had to go to work with me. He was SOOO great! My favorite questions of the day, though, were "When is naptime?...When is free choice?...and "When do we sing up our cleanup song?" So very sweet. P.S. I wish we had naptime in middle school!
On Tuesday, Connor got sent home from school for the very first time ever! Poor guy had an earache and was crying in the nurse's office. Connor has actually never missed school ever for any appointments or illnesses, so it was a big deal for him. Mr. Howard took him to the doctor and he had fluid in his ear, causing the pain. Just for my record's sake, he weighed 46 pounds and was 3'9.75" at 5 years 7 months. It's the first time in over a year he had been weighed.
My sister-in-law is moving to Southern California on Saturday (my brother already moved two Mondays ago), so she wanted to have a little date night with the kids. She told hubby and me to go do something fun and YOU DO NOT NEED TO TELL US TWICE! So, last night we went out for steaks, cocktails, and dessert. It was Part 1 of our Valentine's Date Night. Part 2 is going to be a movie.
My favorite part of the date night was our interpretive dance to Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler. You should ask my husband to show you his "wind beneath my wings" line choreography. It was pretty spectacular. 
I'm pretty sure I laughed so hard I thought I might need to pull over.


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