Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Midweek Randoms

I finished my third Travis McGee novel, A Purple Place for Dying. I think this one is my favorite so far! This one seemed the most like a true mystery - where I really was dying for him to solve the crime, so I could find out what happened. 
Next up? The Quick Red Fox! I'm also still reading the second Outsider book and I have about 8 more on my list. I'm pretty sure I need an unending supply of Amazon Kindle Gift cards just to keep up with my reading habit. It's a pretty expensive habit, when you're averaging a book every couple days.

We have been having family movie nights once a week and it makes me so happy. Last weekend we watched Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in our jammies and this weekend we watched Boxtrolls.
We officially started Tball, which makes me a baseball Mom, and, of course, that officially makes me OLD.
Just to further illustrate the old point, I'd like to point out something that is becoming hard to ignore. Friends, I swear new wrinkles appear every single day. I know, I know. I'm 31. I'm still young. But do you ever just look in the mirror and think, "WHEN DID THAT ONE APPEAR?!?" 
For a few weeks, I fell off the dinner meal planning bandwagon. Yikes. It's the worst thing for any mom who has experienced the kids-hanging-on-legs-whining-about-how-hungry-they-are 5pm shuffle. Not good. I've resorted to quesadillas, grilled cheese, and pasta more times than I can even count. So, hubby and I made a big master list, piled the kids in the cart, and shopped at costco. I really double heart LOVE the double costco shopping carts.
After our shopping trip and the kids' naptime, we all headed to a baby shower for a family friend. 
On Sunday we wanted to go on a hike, but hiking spots are a good 30 minute to hour drive from our house and we just didn't want to drive far. So we went to a nature trail and the kids loved it. I did 3.6 miles, because I did a little over a mile run on my own while Mr. Howard played with the kids at the creek. We took about 11 selfies and they were all horrible. I actually thought the one on the bottom right was the best one and had to chuckle because it certainly wasn't great (in fact, hubby is the only one smiling and looking at the camera), but when I came home and loaded the pictures, I found the one on the left. Everyone, except Aiden, is smiling at the camera. How did I miss it?!?
Reese came with us and hung on pretty well. 4 miles is definitely the longest walk we've taken her on before. 
Later that night, we went into the backyard to do some yard work. Mr. Howard was using the edger/trimmer and it must have picked up a rock. We heard a loud crack and looked over to our slider and saw it completely shattered. Thank goodness it has tempered glass and didn't shatter all over the kids. I guess we'll be getting a new slider. Grrrrrr. 
Oh my goodness. If I had remembered how much work a puppy was, I'm pretty sure we would have been perfectly content with our little family of five.  Haha! I feel like we have a newborn in a lot of ways (except at least with a newborn you can take them wherever you want...and put a diaper on them!). We're waking up in the middle of the night...constantly dealing with pee and poop...and having to watch her every single second of every day. It's basically like having a fourth child (see picture of Isabella and Reese taking a nap - for photographic evidence of Reese's place as another child). Of course, we all just adore her. She is 12 weeks old now. 


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