Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Midweek Randoms

I'm apologizing in advance. Somehow this post has a zillion photos of me and hardly any of my husband. Part of that is that I just tend to take selfies with the kids, and the other reason is that he never uploads his phone photos to the computer. So you have been warned.

We have had a fun but busy week, which is good because next week is Spring Break and I have all sorts of fun, non-busy stuff planned. 

Hubby was working last week until very late, so I took the kids to Target and let them pick out a movie. They settled on Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb and we watched with popcorn on the couch!
 Isabella is by far the only kid in my house with the patience for Reese. Reese has so much energy and crawls and jumps all over the kids. The boys jump and get her all riled up, but Isabella will sit and just cuddle her in her arms.
 Last week, I got my hair done. It doesn't matter if it's 9pm at night and I'm going home to bed, or 8am in the morning and I have the whole day ahead of me - my hairdresser always styles my hair to the nines. She ends our sessions with, "Now let's make your hair so hot your husband won't want to keep his hands off you!" I may have been wearing workout clothes, but I had red-carpet hair. As a Mama to small children, it's nice to feel pampered and beautiful. I am so appreciative of the extra time she spends on my hair and, without giving too much detail, my husband usually can't keep his hands off me afterwards.
 My littlest handsome boy is just the sweetest thing. This particular day last week, below, he was desperate to show me his art work and wanted me to photograph it. Afterwards, he wanted a photo with me. Swoon!
On Friday, I got an unexpected blogging check and so hubby suggested we go out for sushi on Saturday night after the kids were in bed to celebrate. Ummm. You do NOT need to ask me twice. We watched The Best of Me and drank beer - my definition of a perfect date night: sushi, beer, and the couch with my cutie. (P.S. I've decided I'm boycotting all movies made based on Nicolas Sparks books. I should just assume they will all end in heartbreak and then maybe I can survive them. Hubby thinks I am certifiably insane because I'll see a plot point coming and still cry like a little baby for 15 minutes in the movie. What can I say? Empathy and sympathy just radiate from my pores). At least I got a date night with my husband.
My hair dresser let me borrow a book of braids. I haven't done french braids in 15 years, so I've had fun practicing! I'm thankful for Isabella who will just sit and let me do whatever I want to her hair. Which is good because I cannot for the life of me do a dutch braid. Grrr. 
After taking a couple week hiatus on mason jar salad lunches, I am back to them. This one is my chicken, Greek salad. I make enough for hubby and me on Sunday's, so that I can prep once and have enough food for the week. Easy peasy.
 I wrote the following on instagram (with the photo below): This has been a really hard parenting week. REALLLLLLLY hard. One in which I'm left scratching my head, wondering what on earth I've done terribly wrong. Lots of fights, a thousand time outs, Mama yelling, tattle telling, tantrums, and a million times I've asked myself, "is anyone listening to me at ALL?!?" And then, tonight, I put all three in the tub. Connor offered to braid sissy's hair (which is code for twist it) to "make you pretty, Izzy" and Isabella compliments Aiden on what a good helper he's being. And for a tiny moment, I am reminded that we're doing a few things right."

When I posted it, I got flooded with a bunch of "Oh goodness. I hear you Mama!" comments and it made me realize how good it felt to be in a community of Mommies. Sometimes it is a game changer to hear that other people's kids are fighting and throwing tantrums, because I know I'm not alone. There's nothing worse than feeling like I'm on an island all alone, with everyone else's perfect children. So, thank you for that. When you see a Mama with a kid who is throwing a tantrum in a store, remember to smile at her and tell her you're there with her...or that she's got this. She's rocking it. Because I can't tell you what a better Mommy I was after reading everyone's comments. It was the breath of fresh air that I needed. 


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Love the pretty hair!!! and the perfect instagram post!

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All moms probably relate to your really hard week. If you haven't had at least one, usually a lot more, you're not doing it right. :)

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Love Isabella's hair, love yours

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Thank you Tesha!

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Haha. Right?!?

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