Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mid-Saturday Randoms! 5pm is still "mid", right?

I feel all I ever have time for are random life posts, lately; to be truthful, that's actually pretty reflective of my days and weeks these days: random, all over the place, high paced, and full of love. I only have 36 days left of school (at the time of me starting this post) and then I'll have much more time for blogging...and laundry...and returning emails. Or...maybe I won't. Ha!

We've pretty much been living and breathing tee ball, which is so much fun! Hubby also started mountain biking once a week and with my running, his riding, Connor's teeball, both of our work schedules, and all our normal to-do's - I feel like we might explode if one more thing is added. I am so ridiculously happy that Mr. Howard is biking again, though; he so needs it. After teeball ends, we'll start swim lessons again!

We took Reese to get her shots and holy moly, folks. She is already 25 pounds. How on earth did our tiny puppy turn into such a big girl. Eeeek. 
Aiden has been obsessed with swimtrunks and we've had a few days where it's been too cold to wear anything but pants. WELL...Sneaky McSneakerson figured out he could wear them UNDER his pants and no one would know. He was so proud of himself and his ingenious idea!
The boys took my Dad (for his birthday present!) to a Dodger v Giants game and it was Connor's first one. He was pretty darn excited in his LA hat and Dodger's jersey. The highlight of the evening, for Connor, was the cotton candy bag as big as his torso!
Connor had his first at-home school project and he was beyond excited about it. Maybe because I'm a teacher (or maybe because I'm just crazy!) I was very careful about following the rubric explicitly. I searched high and low for information about whether or not we could paint the project and it didn't say (it also didn't list glue as an acceptable item, but then referenced something about a hot glue gun), so we went ahead and painted it. And then, like the type A crazy person that I am, I sat and stressed about whether or not he'd be the ONLY one who painted his project. Eeeeek. Clearly, I'm ridiculous. In other news, though, he was so proud of his work!
We went to a Gender Reveal party last weekend, for friends, and snapped this on our way. I love Connor's little head sticking up over the present!
 And in my most sad news of the week, I injured myself. On my 10 mile run Sunday, I did something to it and it wasn't feeling great. By the next day, it was sore but not painful and so I rested a few days. Then I decided, like a genius, to run at our school's jog-a-thon and did 2.2 miles - which was BEYOND the wrong decision. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. That day and the next, I couldn't even walk. It was excruciating. Unfortunately I have a half marathon in a few days and I'm not sure that's going to happen. I'm so bummed. BUT it is my first injury ever, so I have been REALLY lucky.
After injuring myself, I took a bunch of middle schoolers on a walking field trip around Sacramento State University. Honestly, despite the fact that my knee was hurting so badly that I seriously contemplated finding crutches to hobble around on, I am SOO glad we went. It was probably the best field trip I've taken my kids on and it was purely because they had never been on a college campus! All this talking I do about setting goals and going to college and I had no idea they didn't even know what a college campus looks like. One kid said, "I thought it was just a bunch of buildings. This place is cool. I want to go to college!" What an a-ha moment for me. I am definitely going to make sure we do a college tour once a year!


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