Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Midweek Randoms - Spring Break Edition

Last week was crazy at work! I did my annual Living History Wax Museum for my seventh graders, which is always so incredibly stressful - but equally amazing. It is my absolute favorite part about teaching middle school! The kids always get SUPER into it! I even got some new creative wax statues this year - among them Gustave Eiffel, Jesus, and Mother Teresa. Usually I have a whole lot of people wanting to be Tupac, so it was nice to have a nice balance with some good guys. In addition to Open House, it was also just the last week before Spring Break and that's always a challenge in and of itself. Holy Moly Spring Fever.
And then, just as quickly as it started, it was over. It was officially Spring Break. As a middle school teacher, the number one rule I know to be true is the busier you are, the less trouble you get in. I believe in relaxation and fun over break, but I also don't want us to get bored. So I planned something every single day of break for us to do.

Saturday was our Mothers of Multiples Easter Egg Hunt! We modeled the Easter shirts and dress Grandma made us!
Sunday I let hubby sleep in, while Connor and Isabella cuddled with me on the couch. Aiden slept in too, which officially makes him my favorite child! ;-) We made delicious French toast. And then, hubby and I meal planned and took the kids to costco.

Monday was a picnic lunch play date with a friend, at the park. 
Tuesday was a family trip to the zoo and then we took the kids to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant for lunch and ice cream sundaes.
In the photo below (top right), can you spot Aiden? Pray for us. It's been a long month.
And this morning I took the kids on a hike and pizza lunch with my sister and Andy. I have always wanted to hike with one child who is throwing the world's biggest tantrum for an entire 27 minutes. So I can cross that off my list for this Spring Break, thankfully. I'm pretty sure I never need to experience that EVER again.
And it's only Wednesday! I have so much more planned for the rest of the week!

I made a goal to read three Travis McGee Novels over break and finished my first one by Saturday. But, I haven't started the next one - so I'm already behind. Oops!
The Quick Red Fox (Travis McGee Series #4)
Additionally, I've been able to cross a few things (other than laundry) off my Spring Break to-do list! Hubby and I watched Into the Woods for the first time and LOVED it!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!
I've been able to leisurely sit and enjoy my coffee in the mornings, without having to rush off to work.  
Hubby and I took the kids to their very first shaved ice place. Surprisingly, the kids hated it. But I loved it! It definitely beats out snow cones for me! 
And, despite having a fun activity to do every day, the kids and I have snuck in a few at-home movies, cartoons, and couch cuddles every morning and afternoon. Some mornings, I've needed it - since my children are back to waking up at 5am again. Grrrr. 


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