Thursday, May 7, 2015

Backyard Update - Part 3

A week ago, my husband took a vacation from work. It's unusual for him to take vacation days, unless we are going on a trip - but since we decided not to do Europe this summer, he had some extra days and thought it might be nice to work on landscaping the yard! (Thank goodness for handy husbands!).

When my husband and I have conversations about things like sprinkler systems, I think to myself, "Oh I get it! How hard can it be? You put the sprinklers together, lay the piping in the ground, and call it a day. Right?" Wrong. Inevitably, he'll say something about laying the sprinklers in "zones," and I'm suddenly reminded why I'm so thankful he's in charge and not me. Thank goodness I'm a good middle school teacher, because I'd be a horrible landscaper!

Because our concrete is so much higher than our dirt, we didn't have to dig trenches for the sprinklers. We could just lay them out, since we needed to put fill dirt on top. I was thankful for this because there's a lot of things my husband is happy to do. But digging trenches is not one of them!
Here is a close-up
After getting one side done, he worked on the other:
This photo was taken through the screen door (hence the weird texture). A few nights while I cooked dinner, he worked on the sprinklers with the kids!
After the sprinklers were done, he ordered a 50/50 mix soil for under the sod and wood chips for the areas on the perimeter and the kids' playground area. 
 And then began the arduous task of bringing wheelbarrows full of dirt and wood chips to the backyard. Did I mention it was also the hottest week in Spring so far?
Moving all that dirt took a few days and by Friday, he had it all finished! 
Here's a photo from our upstairs window of it all done. The next thing we need to do is rent a lawn roller to compact the dirt and then just lay the sod! It doesn't seem like that much left, but it feels like we're still a lifetime away from the yard being done! (P.S. whenever I post a picture of the yard, I think about what people must think of the size of it. I'm sure all you peeps in parts of the world where you have acres of land - look at my tiny yard...and the fact that you can see into all our neighbor's yards...and think, "what an itty-bitty yard!" And I'm sure all you beach folk or big city folk who have 3 foot deep yards think, "What a HUGE yard!"). Perspective, right?

For all our backyard updates (including laying concrete and building the gazebo), see the following links: Part 1 POST  and Part 2 POST.


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