Saturday, May 9, 2015

I'll marry you and have your babies...

The post where I catch you up on the last few weeks.

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, the kids, hubby, and I went to a birthday party for a friend! It was a bowling theme and the first time the twins had ever bowled! The kids REALLY loved it. A few months beforehand I had signed the kids up for summer bowling, since I'll need lots to keep them busy. I wasn't really sure when I signed up how much they'd love it, but it was such a great deal that I thought even if they hated it, it'd still be worth a visit or two. WELL. They loved it. I can't wait to take them this summer.

Poor Connor, though, got some sort of tummy bug when we went. On our way, he was complaining about his tummy and right after showing up, he got sick. Poor guy. Strangely, he didn't get sick again until Monday in the morning before school. That Monday was his very FIRST absence from school (we almost made it to June with perfect attendance!)
On a Sunday a few weeks ago, Connor's school had a Mother Son Dugout Day at a River Cats game and I took Connor. He had fun, but got a little bored during the 6th or 7th inning, so we left a bit early.
We took the kids for hair cuts and let Aiden get the royal treatment. He was pretty darn excited about the hot towels on his face and neck. I don't blame him.
Aiden needs lots of distraction. If he isn't doing something, he'll create fun to do (and let me tell is NEVER the kind of fun one hopes their three-year-old is creating!). So, I've been having him help me with dinner on nights when he's particularly struggling to make good choices. It's a win win. I keep him out of trouble and he has fun cooking! This particular night, we made chicken patties with chopped red bell pepper.
My favorite moments recently have been how cuddly the kids are. They want to sit on our laps; they want us to take photos with them; and they can finally sit still long enough for some serious cuddling. (The photo below of Mr. Howard sleeping is my favorite. It was a Friday at 6pm and all the kids were watching a movie, while hubby was sound asleep snoring! We are quite the party animals)
Reese may be 25 pounds, but she is still ALLLLL puppy!
Connor asked a little while ago if we could do a picnic dinner in the living room. So we did! We had salmon and artichokes on a blanket on the floor!
A few weeks ago, hubby surprised me with sushi. The key to my heart is oh-so-simple. I don't need diamonds. Or fancy purses. Or expensive clothes. Surprise me with sushi and I'll marry you and have your babies (okay, well, I may have reversed the order of those things. But you get the point.)
Am I a lucky wife and mama or what?


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