Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Midweek Randoms

I had a random Friday off and none of the kids had it off for school. Do you know how rare that is these days?!? I took advantage of that and cleaned (I know it's boring, but it needed to be done!). My husband and I snuck in a Mimosa Breakfast Date before he had to head off to work first though!

I hurried home and spent three solid hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Afterwards, I had actually rubbed my knees completely raw! Oops!
 I actually moved ALL the furniture too, so that I could sweep and scrub every single square foot of the floor! But the floors looked a million times better afterwards! Here was the family room afterwards:
 Here's the living room (including Miss Reese the pup):
Then, because I was on a cleaning kick and it wasn't time to pick up the kids yet, I bleached all the couch cushions and put them back on the couch. What a difference that made!
Poor teacher's kids. My kids have been coming after school, since hubby has had a lot of interviews, meetings, and appointments. Usually I can keep them entertained with blocks, coloring books, and flash cards - but I've had to pull out the big stuff lately - with Jake and the Neverland Pirate cartoons. Poor babes are over my classroom.
Mr. Howard cracks me up. He's got kids crawling on him, kids fighting, dogs barking and climbing - and he's watching Paddington. I was typing out a caption on this photo for instagram, seconds after snapping it, and I looked back over and he's sound asleep. Can someone please explain this to me? How can one sleep through that?
 Isabella is my little cuddler:
 The kids can play really well together at the park now - so on my weekends alone, we've been going to different parks and I've been throwing the tennis ball back and forth for Reese. It gives everyone a good amount of exercise and then everyone naps that day (including the pup)!
 We had a MONUMENTAL day on May 24th! Aiden slept in his big boy bed! We haven't been pressing the issue, because we figured if he wanted to sleep in his crib, let him! But every night before I put him to bed, I've been asking him if he wants to sleep in the crib or his big boy bed and on Sunday he just up and decided he wanted to sleep in the bed! Pretty exciting stuff over here! He was our last crib baby (maybe ever!).
 On Monday, I took the kids over to my mom's for swimming. Hubby had to work and I needed to take my little monsters out of the house and it was the perfect way to spend a morning!
 Aiden spent about 15 minutes in the pool and the rest of the time riding around on his little tricycle.
 Oh and laying with the dog. He really loves her.
 Isabella was super cold and kept shivering, so she layed in the sun a bit to warm herself up. 
 And Connor spent the whole time in the pool asking me when we can go to a water park this summer!
I finished Outlander Book 2 Dragonfly in Amber. I swore that this would be my last one, but with that ending, I now need to see what's she's going to do in the third one. Grrr. Darn Diana Gabaldon! Why do all the books have to be over 800 pages?!? Dragonfly in Amber was 976 pages in the paperback edition and took me about a month to finish. I already started the third one and am 230 pages in! Eeek. I'm obsessed. 
Afterwards, I finished Bright Orange for the Shroud, my sixth Travis McGee novel. I needed a break after my last one, since I wasn't a huge fan of the incredibly depressing fifth one. This one I liked a lot better and brought me back to my love for good ol' Travis McGee. I already started my seventh one!


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