Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mother's Day '15 and a few little known facts about me

The un-glamorous, but oh-so-real side of mothering:

 One handsome three-year-old throwing up the night before Mother's day, into the evening. 
One baby girl with a night terror who needed to be rocked at 11:30pm. 
Hubby at work till midnight. 
Two littles up at 5:45am and in our bed. 
And one mama who just wanted five more minutes of sleep. 
Just. Five. More. Minutes. 
This was my Mother's Day Morning. 
I'm sure it goes without saying that I dreamed of being a Mama and, while I'd love five more minutes of sleep, it is every bit as rewarding as I dreamed it would be. 

Unfortunately my husband had to work this past Mother's Day. I actually do not think we've spent a single mother's day together yet, since his working weekend seems to always fall on Mother's Day Weekend. Such a bummer! But, he didn't have to go into work early, so we all went out for breakfast before he headed into work. We attempted a Mommy photo and failed miserably. Well, we suceeded at capturing real life. But failed at my happy staged/everyone smiling photo. I think maybe the fails are my favorite, anyway. 
My adorable husband arranged to have Aunt Katie come watch the kids on his next off weekend. We get to go out to dinner, go see Pitch Perfect, and have some alone time together. Honestly, the best gift anyone can give me in this stage of my life is a Date Night (that or cleaning my house). So I'm thrilled!
Because I'm spoiled, he ALSO got me a headboard for our master bedroom. We haven't had anything for our bed ever since we got our King mattress a few years ago (we had a sleigh bed for our Queen, but now that's in our guest bedroom), so we really needed something!
I just love the tufted headboard and had planned on making my own (I had even pinned about a zillion how-to tutorials), but obviously this is better than any I could have made. We're going to do a turquoise throw on our bed, to break up the colors! And now I can finally do a picture above the bed (I'd waited until I knew how much space I'd have!). 
After a day filled with lots of fun with my kiddos, my husband met us after work at Buca Di Beppo. My mom chose that restaurant this year for HER Mother's Day celebration. This is the first time she's ever wanted to do it at a restaurant and it was definitely nice to not have to cook and clean on this special day! (I love this photo - do you see three photobombers back there?)
 Oh my goodness. The italian food! We had mozzarella sticks, salad, spaghetti with meatballs, chicken saltimboca, and fettuccine.
 My mom and Me:
The next morning we realized that we had forgotten to open the presents from Pre-School. I say, "we" because the kids don't yet quite understand that the presents aren't theirs. They made adorable picture frames! 
 Mr. Howard then took the twins to preschool and I got to take Connor to school for the first time! He and I went to Muffins with Moms at his school. They did a performance and served us muffins and juice. We had some time to read together and he was able to show me his classroom and the information sheet he had written about me. (Do you see his adorable invitation he made me on the bottom right photo below? That is one delicious looking muffin)
Here are a few little known facts about me. (1) I weigh 7 pounds. It's true. I wear a fluffy suit under all my clothes to give the appearance I weigh MUCH more than that. (2) If I had time, I would LOVE to go to the park. I mean. Duh. Nothing says relaxation and excitement like a trip to the park. (3) I am 11 years old, which means I had Connor at 6. My goal at 5-years-old was to be a young mom, and by 6 I felt ready to start a family. Obviously.


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