Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plummer Ridge Offroading Adventure

I've mentioned a million times before that when I met my husband in high school, he owned a CJ specifically for offroading. We had that third car for years and loved that we didn't have to worry about beating it up! Then, in college and the first few years of our marriage, we did light offroading in trucks that we owned, but couldn't do any REAL offroading for fear of breaking or  hurting them. A few years ago, we were able to transition my old car to an offroading vehicle and we try to go on trips any chance we get.

 My husband, who is always doing research about fun new places to go found a place called Plummer Ridge Trail in El Dorado National Forest. We wanted to check it out and check out the camping grounds, because it was on our camping list for this summer!
The views from the ridge were beautiful! Both sides looked down into a breathtaking forest! The best part about the El Dorado National Forest is that there are over 70 miles of Off-Highway Vehicle routes. The ridge we went on was pretty easy, although as it started raining towards the end, it got a little more fun and interesting! We brought a picnic lunch and stopped here to eat! 
I couldn't get over the moss growing on the side of the trees!
The kids do so well offroading, but when we can let them run around and climb things, it makes them beyond happy.
We snapped these photos right before it started raining. It then rained the whole drive down the ridge, which was beautiful!
 Connor is quite the climber. He got all the way to the top!
 Afterwards, we went to a Chinese food restaurant with our friends for dinner. P.S. We NEED a lazy susan on our dining room table. It was amazing to just swivel the food around and serve the kids. Why didn't I ever think of this?
Considering none of the kids had naps, they actually did pretty well at dinner. They all slept SUPER soundly that night!


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