Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trip to Manhattan Beach - (and that time Connor had to be dragged a quarter of a mile)

Because Jen and I were supposed to run the Orange County Half Marathon together and then I sadly got injured, my hubby and I decided to still go down there and cheer her on. (Honestly, up until a week before the half, I held out hope I might be able to run it.) Sadly, that did not happen, but we did get in a fun visit with Jen and Brett!

This was Connor's first 7 hour car ride where he was cognizant of time. We could actually tell him how many hours or minutes and he could grasp it. This was simultaneously amazing and horrible (because he knew how long it meant when we said we still had 7 hours to go).

We did surprise him with a bag that gave him a clue about where we were going. Here is the video:
Every morning we were able to start at Starbucks and Connor got a "coffee" (AKA a hot chocolate with whipped cream) and he was thrilled to be a big boy.

On Sunday, before we went to watch Jen cross the finish line, we went to my old sorority house! I felt like such an old lady driving around UC Irvine, since I had no idea where anything was anymore (there has been so much growth and new buildings!). Here was my home for four years!
Afterwards, we watched Jen cross the finish line - which was so much fun, since it's actually the second race I've been able to see her finish! I want to look as good as her when I finish a half marathon:
My brother is now a deputy city attorney near Palm Springs, and he and my sister-in-law were able to make the 2 hour drive to see us at Jen and Brett's, which was so much fun! We all went out to lunch!
And then we went to lunch and the beach for a little while.
  Because Jen had just rocked a half marathon like a boss, she didn't want to walk down (and then back up) the hill to the beach. I don't blame her tired calves. So it was just the Kirkpatricks who went to the beach.
 We let Connor strip to his boxers and play in the waves, but it was pretty darn cold - so he was afraid to take off his shirt!
 Connor with his Aunt and Uncle:
This was actually the first time we've taken Connor to the beach! I don't even know how that's possible, seeing as though we've gone to Southern California a bunch since having kids. But with our limited time down there, we just never have time to go spend it at the beach. Connor LOVED the beach. Love, love, loved. CAN YOU SEE HIS FACE?!?
In fact, he was so pissed at us for leaving, he pitched the hugest, most embarrassing fit ever as we left. It was equal parts HILARIOUS and horrifying, but thankfully all the beach-goers were laughing so hard, they didn't have time to gawk and be embarrassed for us. My brother joked that this is pretty much how he feels when he leaves the beach too.
My adorable husband was PISSED at me for laughing. And, honestly, I get it. But how can  you not laugh? It really was so ridiculous. 
The twins were loved by my sister and mom. We missed them, but boy they sure didn't miss us. I so believe it's good for them to be loved on by more than just their mom and dad, once in a while!


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