Sunday, June 14, 2015

Donuts with Dad

To celebrate Father's Day a little early, Connor invited Daddy to his school for Donuts with Dads by giving him this adorable invitation that he made with lots of yummy donuts on it:

They did a song performance for all the daddies and then they did a little workout together. Hello adorableness. 

He wrote in his journal about his Daddy. I'll translate his handwriting and spelling for you: "My dad is fun because he tickles me. Do you know my dad's name. He shows me off-road videos and tomorrow it's donuts with Dads." So precious. Connor read this to Daddy, while they ate Krispy Kreme donuts. 
 Apparently Daddy is 14 and at work he "does jobs." Very concise. Extremely accurate. I also love that American Ninja Warriors (the obstacle course show!) made it into his paper, because that really is something the two of them watch together. Hopefully, his teacher doesn't think we let him watch some scary ninja show. ;-)


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