Monday, June 8, 2015

Huge News!!

I have huge news in our world to share with you! It's been a LOOONG time coming for my family and I am jumping up and down with joy to finally share it.

My husband got a new job.

I never cease to be amazed by how driven he is in his work. When he graduated high school and worked as a manager with different retailers, he never dreamed of graduating college or having the life he now has. In fact, I remember time and time again him telling me that he wasn't sure he NEEDED a degree. Fourteen years later, with a bachelor of arts degree from Chapman (which he achieved at night while working 50 hour work weeks and having three children two-years-old and younger at home), 14 years of managerial experience under his belt, three small children at his feet, and a million milestones met - he now knows that even his wildest dreams are achievable.

(Photo from 2012 Graduation):
Of course, it would be easy to be so accomplished in his work if he left the child-rearing to me - but any of you long-time readers know, that that isn't the case. In addition to his hard work with his employers, he is the type of dad and husband who takes the kids to school, packs lunches in the morning, and happily volunteers to put the kids in the bath, so that I can grade papers or clean the kitchen.

He has accepted a Operational Management position with a company that will allow him to be Monday through Friday. I am thankful he will be home on Father's Days and Easters, attend little league games in the evenings, and that he won't have to leave us all on Christmas Day to start an overnight shift for Black Friday. I don't, for one second, take for granted the sacrifice he has made for our family the past few years and can't wait to see him finally enjoy the fruits of his labor.

We've already had two weekends in a row together and I can't even tell you what that is like! It's such a comfort to know that he won't miss stuff with the kids anymore!


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