Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Midweek Randoms

Summer means a lot of free time for me and so I try to pack in all the things I don't have time for during the school year. We also have had the pleasure of having Daddy home with us EVERY weekend and that's been so much fun! We've been able to have more adventures than normal!

We have annual passes to the zoo and try to go at least once a month!

 I have been craving sushi something fierce and my darling husband likes to surprise me with it! The way to my heart is simple...feed me sushi!
 The kids and I have been snuggling in bed longer than normal and reading. Connor must be lusting after the snowy weather, because he keeps picking out winter books.
 The twins finally have the stamina to watch an entire movie, so we've been renting movies from redbox for after the pool.
 We have a standing weekly date with this adorable man. The kids are always SO excited to see his office!
 At the beginning of the summer, we bought a junior scrabble and we've been playing it a couple times a week. I love this game, because each kid can get something out of it. Connor is learning strategy and spelling of words and the twins are learning the letter names.
 This cutie below has been extra snuggly lately with Daddy and me. I love this phase!
 Monkey had surgery a couple weeks ago. This poor lovey. It is beyond complete repair...but we keep doing surgery and giving him little extensions on his life.
One night at about 10:30pm, I came up the stairs and saw this cutie sound asleep on the floor. She was completely out just like this. Hubby and I couldn't even wake her. We picked her up and carried her to bed and she had no idea it had even happened. We took a video and showed her in the morning and she laughed and laughed; she doesn't remember it at all.
My goal for the summer has been to read one book per week. I have already read two books so far! I finished Darker than Amber, which is my 7th novel in the Travis McGee series (I'm reading them in the order they were published...even though they don't build upon each other). And I also read Grey.


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