Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The End of a Season

Connor finished his very first year of baseball. This will be his last year of tee ball, as next year he'll start coach-pitch baseball. Connor is super athletic and he picked up baseball pretty quickly. Being a lefty will give him an advantage, if he continues to play it.

 It was so adorable watching all his teammates learn the sport - from learning how to get outs to learning how to throw the bat down and run. The parents and I all had some good laughs over their adorable mistakes.
 At this age, they all play every position and rotate multiple times in a game. Connor was definitely best at first base, but he loved playing pitcher (even though they don't actually pitch).
There is just something that just slays me when looking at the little boy, who used to be so tiny he fit in my belly, dressed up in a uniform on a baseball team. I know I say this often, but boy does time just fly by. 
He had his End of the Season celebration at the beginning of June and Connor was so excited about getting his very first trophy! He asked Daddy if we could install a special trophy shelf in his room to showcase it off. 
What a great season! We can't wait for next year.


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