Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Collages of Happy

What does one do the day after they get back from a week long vacation with the kids by herself? Why, pack up the car and go to Six Flags, of course! The poor kids...After 40 minutes of driving, I think they got flash backs to the 9 hour drive the day before and started stressing. "How LONG is this drive?" they kept asking.

Once we got there, though, the kids were ecstatic. Every year we get free tickets from a friend and last year we weren't able to go because hubby and I were in Chicago. So my brother, sister-in-law, and mom took them. We hadn't been with all three kids in two years and boy was it different. We were able to do a lot of family rides (like the White Water Safari) and then Connor was able to take turns doing rides with Daddy and me. We did the Monsoon Falls and Arc together! Connor is one inch from being 48 inches, so next year will be a lot of fun! There are about five new thrill rides he'll be able to do!

We watched the tiger show too and the kids thought that was pretty fun.
Thank goodness I didn't try to do Six Flags by myself. Because the twins are right in that in-between good height for rides, they could often do rides, but needed an adult with them. And one adult can't count for two different kids. I don't know how triplet parents would have done it. Thankfully, Connor was slightly taller - so he didn't need an adult with him.
The kids were especially excited by any rides that got us wet. 
One of my favorite parts about the age that the twins are in, is that they still want to snuggle up to us whenever we sit. I don't want to forget that because time goes too quickly!
The cool part about the Northern California six flags is that it also has the marine world part and the kids love all the animals! We can break up the amusement park rides with zoo-type fun!
Thankfully I don't like funnel cakes (I have no idea why! They should be something that I like). So hubby always gets a huge one and I don't have to feel like I need to help him. 

We let the kids have chocolate ice cream and they were a mess before we left. I thought I had wipes in my car, but I didn't. So they went home just like this.
We'll call that a collage of happy! It was such a great, fun day!


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