Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Midweek Randoms Part 2

I had too many midweek randoms built up from the last few weeks, that I needed to do two Midweek Randoms posts.

We tried a new restaurant a few weekends ago called The Waffle Experience. It was oh-so-delicious. Hubby had a chicken fried steak waffle; I had a breakfast sandwich one; and the kids had two different kinds which we divided - a peanut butter and jelly one and a s'more one.
 I think the presentation of the food was as good as the food itself. They even served the potatoes in these little mason jars.
Normally when my husband and I get dressed, we do it at the same time in our closets. But this particular morning, I got ready after him and was in the shower when he got dressed. So I didn't notice that we completely matched - until we got in the car. We were heading to a work thing for Mr. Howard and he was nervous that people would think we did it on purpose - but no one noticed. No one noticed until we went to a birthday party that evening at a brewery and then almost everyone noticed! I guess we've been together too long.
Shhh. Don't judge. But I've pretty much been putting whipped cream in my coffee on the regular since summer break started. What can I say? Summer makes me want to be celebratory!
For Father's Day, my brother and sister-in-law were in town from Palm Springs and so hubby and I went and got Krispy Kreme donuts for everyone (I'll have you know too, that I have been making really good choices and didn't have a single donut. Not one. Now that is willpower!).
For lunch hubby requested Blaze Pizza. And what my amazing husband wants, he gets on Father's Day! So we met my family there for lunch. 

We went to a birthday party at a friend's house and the kids had so much fun in the pool! 
Their pool is obviously something straight out of the movies! There is a beach entrance and the twins were so excited they could just walk right it. Normally, since they can't swim, they're relegated to the steps.
This pool really gave Connor the confidence he needed to take some risks. He can swim, but he gets scared when the pool is super wide and he feels like he can't make it from one end to the other. He has swim lessons later this month and I think that will make a huge difference in his confidence. He can swim from one end to the other, but he just gets nervous and wants someone to go with him because, he says, "I'll melt!" (I have no idea why he calls drowning "melting," but it's one of of my favorite things!
I have been making healthy choices, but was craving a bagel with lox and cream cheese! I had the genius idea, while I was at the grocery store, to satisfy my craving with a cucumber slice and lite cream cheese. I was able to get the feel of the bagel, without sacrificing my healthy choices. So I had a cucumber, lox, cream cheese, caper "sandwich" for dinner one night. 
Right before we left for Palm Springs, we decided to take the kids to the arcade, since we wouldn't be seeing Daddy for a week. The kids were beyond over the moon. They had never been and they were running around, bouncing off the walls - going from game to game, asking if they could play! It was adorable. 
I love the dollar spot at target and found these little containers with lids that I could write their names on (I used my gold sharpee and wrote the first letter of their names on each lid) and fill with treats/snacks. I filled them with gummy bears and gummy worms for our 9 hour drive to Palm Springs! Since we've been home from Palm Springs, I've repurposed these and keep these in my swim bag, filled with crackers. Genius!
I mentioned in my last post that my summer goal is to read a book a week and yesterday I completed my third book: The Girl on the Train, which I really liked. It was slow to start and I didn't love one of the narrators at first, but once I was hooked - I was hooked! I read the entire book in less than 24 hours!
 Whew! Alright. I'm now officially caught up on all my midweek randoms. I can't wait to do a catch up on our week in Palm Springs soon!


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