Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Midweek Randoms

In the summer I find that my inclination is to stay up later at night and sleep in a bit (like 6:45 instead of 5:30am). This, of course, is completely fine - BUT I find that I'm wide awake long after my husband goes to bed and then sound asleep when he's leaving for work. So I decided that I'd wake up with him every morning. It's only 20-30 minutes I get with him in the morning, but it's syncing our schedules a bit more and then we can talk and connect before the kids even wake up. We've been doing this for a couple weeks and minus one or two days, we make it a date every single morning.

Mr. Howard's mom has been in town this past week, so we've been doing them in bed so we don't wake her. 

After pinning a million summer fruit ideas, I found one that the kids and I both love. You slice kiwi, freeze them, then dip them in dark chocolate and coconut oil, and finally re-freeze them. We have a slice of frozen kiwi when we get back home from the park or the pool and feel great!
They are so refreshing and the kids just gobble them up.
While the kids have been napping, I've been trying to read or blog every single day. It's important for me to give myself a little break each day - or I find I'm super grumpy at 5pm. I'm reading my 8th Travis McGee novel right now, but I should be finished with that any day now! Do you have any recommendations?
I got my hair done last week. It's been feeling VERY long lately, so I wanted a couple inches off. My hair dresser is always great about taking the length and making it healthy, but not drastic. It's lighter and feels much better, but isn't short.

When we built this house, we had 11 windows in our living room and family room. That meant 11 curtain rods, 11 sets of blinds, and 15 curtain panels to install (two of which I had to sew). We got to a point where we were over it. Earlier this week we finally installed the last of our curtain rods and curtain panels downstairs. Hallelujah! 

These little cuties turned FOUR last week. I will do a whole post about it soon, but FOUR. FOUR?!? Holy moly.
My handsome hubby needed some new suits for work and so we thought Fourth of July would be the perfect time to go and get some, since there were lots of sales going on. He ended up getting three new suits, so that he'll have a navy and two black ones for meetings, trainings, and travel! He is so ridiculously hot!
My mom very sweetly offered to have her house cleaner come and clean my whole house before company arrived. I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to have EVERYTHING clean. No matter how much I clean and organize, I never have time for certain things (like cleaning the blinds by hand...or cleaning the banister on the staircase). I am so thankful for my mom!
Grandma's here and the kids are SO excited.
Grandma wanted to meet an old friend from high school and so we went to eat in downtown at Sutter Street Grill. While we were waiting, we went and looked at the trains. 


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