Friday, July 10, 2015

Rookie Twin Mom - Oy!

We did a countdown for the kids' birthdays (we're big countdown people over here!) and I did something like a complete rookie parent-of-twins. I made one countdown for Aiden and Isabella to share (I did a green/pink Aiden could take off the green ones every other day and Izzy could take off the pink on the opposite days). Oy the fights! Next year they get their own birthday chains. Duh. Here was Aiden taking off the very last chain on his BIRTHDAY MORNING!!!
A birthday morning tradition for The Howards is birthday french toast. I made them their french toast with birthday candles and powdered sugar. Hubby had to work all day, so I tried to make the day special for them! Yes, I'm in my jammies.

They love being sung to!
I took the kids to get birthday cupcakes for our evening celebration and while we were there, I let them each pick out a mini cupcake bite. #coolmom
I joked on instagram that we must be doing something right because our four-year-olds picked sushi as their birthday dinner and I'm not even joking. I asked them where they wanted to go for their birthday and they said "SUSHI!!!" 
Daddy with the twins at Dinner. 
The kids were so tired after dinner that we went to bed and did cupcakes the next day (hence the clothing switch). They each had picked out their own cupcakes (except for Daddy...we did the best we could on what we thought he'd want).
I got my trusty red velvet. Aiden got mint. Connor got vanilla with chocolate frosting. Isabella got vanilla with vanilla frosting. And we got Daddy pistachio. 
 Daddy came home from work, so he's looking all dapper. I had my stay at home Mommy uniform on - jeans and a teeshirt!
Overall, it was a great day!


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