Sunday, July 19, 2015

Six. Seis. Sei. Roku. Sechs.

On July 7th, we celebrated Connor's 6th Birthday with our traditional morning french toast. He requested six candles and when you are the birthday boy, you get what you ask for! Hubby is gone in the mornings, so it's usually just me and the kids. But since Grandma was staying with us, I got a photo of me and the birthday boy, jammies and all.

We celebrated during the day with a low key day. We ran errands and just had a bit of a relaxing day.

For dinner, just like his siblings, he requested sushi from our favorite place! Of course, his favorite part was spinning the wheel!
After dinner, we had to rush over to Reese's first puppy class. Connor wanted to go with us, so Grandma watched the twins for us! 

This year was Connor's year for a birthday party (we alternate years, since Connor's birthday comes 7 days after his brother's and sister's birthdays. I may be super mom, but I cannot do two parties in a week). This summer, more than any other, I really did not want to do a party. It's very unlike me, because normally I love everything about party planning. But I just wasn't in the mood for it. In fact, if I could have somehow avoided it - I would have. Alas, Connor was thrilled for it and so I did the most low key BBQ birthday party I have ever done. "Low Key Everything" was the theme of the day - and honestly, I didn't even invite people until a few days beforehand. Because of that, there were people I missed and I feel so horrible about that! Sorry if I missed your invite. Forgive this uber busy Mama. 


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